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1<ajuonline|mibbit> here we have newbies
2<ajuonline|mibbit> and the one who are familiar
3<ajuonline|mibbit> giving them to you
4<ajuonline|mibbit> so you can take them into hacking
5<flavour> ok :)
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8<user_6> where to get resourses
9<user_6> where to get resources to learn python from!
10<ajuonline|mibbit> user_6: hang on
11<user_6> ok
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13<ajuonline|mibbit> user_6: google for "" documentation.
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23<user_14anupam> no clues
24<vibkar12> same here
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26<user_14anupam> never used linux or python earlier
27<flavour> no clues on?
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29<flavour> I wouln't owrry too much about not knowibg Python
30<flavour> Start wih copy/pasting & trying stuff out
31<flavour> The best resource for learning Python is:
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33<chamindra> Feel free to ask questions..
34<flavour> However that assumes you know how to program already & just want to convert to Python
35<chamindra> there are many ways to work on the project
36<flavour> If you need something more gentle try:
37<chamindra> you do not have to be able to code python only
38<flavour> These links are here:
39<ajuonline|mibbit> flavour: i will try handle the people in here.
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42<ajuonline|mibbit> and we are addressing them inperson
43<ajuonline|mibbit> at their PCs
44<chamindra> great AJ
45<ajuonline|mibbit> flavour: add the channel to the topic #sahana-classroom
46<user_6> i know to programm in PHP, will it help ??
47<ajuonline|mibbit> user_6: yes it will.
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49<chamindra> yes you can help on the current version of Sahana
50<user_6> are the languages similar??
51<chamindra> it is based on PHP
52<user_6> and in what context??
53<flavour> user_6: You can either learn Python (not so hard to switch) or else work on the PHP codebase of Sahana
54<chamindra> yes if you want to work on the PHP codebase I can point you to that as well
55<chamindra> it is up to you.. what you are more interested it
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57<user_6> ok plz
58<flavour> user_6: Here is guidance on moving from PHP to Web2Py:
59<flavour> Note that Web2Py makes Python easy
60<flavour> You need to know very little Python to get quite far
61<user_35> ok
62<user4> ok
63<user_6> it might seem silly but, i wan to know what exactly "web2py" stands for :)
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66<flavour> user_6: 2 options, your choice ;)
67<user4> please give us the brief idea of python
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69<user_6> is it a merely a conversion of the web project to python ?
70<flavour> 'Web2.0 in Python' or 'Web UI to write Python'
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72<user_2> i have opened the
73<user_2> file
74<user_2> now what to do
75<flavour> Web2Py is a web-development framework written in Python which produces Python code via a WebUI
76<flavour> user_2: What are you trying to do?
77<user_6> @flavour ok thanks
78<chamindra> And if you want to work in PHP firest you can download the current PHP codebase from here ..
79<flavour> user4: &
80<user_2> what should i really change in it
81<flavour> user_2: What are you trying to do?
82<vibkar12> we have entered in wht to do /...
83<user8> wht is irc?
84<user4> what is python???
85<zakir> user irc is internet relay chat
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87<chamindra> IRC is what you are using now.. Internet Relay Chat
88<user_3> now what to do??
89<chamindra> it is basically a chat room system
90<chamindra> used commonly for Open Source projects
91<chamindra> Python is a popular open source programming language
92<chamindra> It is a scripting language, which is compiled on execution
93<user4> just like any other high level programming language like c ,c++,java
94<zakir> user4: sort of but cheilfy used for web
95<chamindra> slightly different as it is a scripting language
96<chamindra> that means you do not have to compile it before you run it
97<chamindra> Java and C++ you have to compile and run
98<chamindra> Phython is dynamic and very easy to learn
99<user4> ok it gives the answer directly
100<chamindra> you can even dynamically explore objects in the python IDE
101<user4> and how the errors are resolved
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103<chamindra> When for one you do not have to do a lot of the housework like in C++ and Java (e.g. memory management, taking care of lose pointers, etc)
104<chamindra> all that is handled for you in the language
105<chamindra> and the language is very simple and intuative
106<chamindra> you have an exception handling mechanism in the language
107<chamindra> it also has try and catch blocks like Java
108<chamindra> Phyton is very very popular in the open source world
109<user4> what is handling mechanism??
110<chamindra> lot of Ubuntu development is done in it
111<chamindra> no sure exactly how the VM works, but I will find out
112<user4> ok
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114<user4> basically what is python used for??
115<user_3> can we go now??\
116<zakir> user_3 if you want to
117<chamindra> It can be used for multiple things
118<user4> like
119<user4> be specific??
120<chamindra> Desktop application programming, Web applciation development, shell scripting
121* satyag enjoying hot payasam and chamindra's class
122<user4> ok
123<chamindra> Web2Py is a web application development framework for python
124<chamindra> it permits rapid application development
125<user9> can i get the list of linux commands
126<chamindra> using CRUD principles
127<user4> what are CRUD principles
128<chamindra> you mean shell commands
129<user8> why python should be used why not we use java ?...
130<chamindra> well they are the typical things in a standard you do in a web application
131<chamindra> Create Read Update and Delete
132<user8> but both r open source
133<flavour> user8: Java is much higher entry barrier so less suitable for rapid applicztion development - which is needed in the HFOSS realm
134<flavour> user8: If you prefer to use Java feel free
136<chamindra> Java is also good
137<flavour> Jython provides a bridge between the 2
139<flavour> This explains my own thinking about why we chose Python not Java for Sahana
140<flavour> Java would be more suitable for other problems
141<chamindra> but it is easier to work and develop applications rapidly in Python in my opinion
142<user4> the basic works like creating ,editing are CRUD principles
143<flavour> But not for this problem
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145<user4> then??
146<user4> what are CRUD principles??
147<user8> Is there any training provide for sahana
148<chamindra> If you are interested in Java, then think of a J2ME component for a mobile phone to communicate with Sahana
149<chamindra> that would be a cool application for the field
150<chamindra> Create, read, update and delete (CRUD) are the four basic functions of persistent storage,[1] a major part of nearly all computer software.
151<chamindra> Ref:,_read,_update_and_delete
152<user4> it
153<chamindra> Well actually I am preparing a 4 day workshop on Sahana right now.. I will be conducting it in the Philippines from next week
154<user4> how python works??
155<chamindra> I can make this course available freely online later
156<chamindra> just keep in touch on the Sahana mailing lists
157<user4> what are the syntaxes used for CRUD??
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159<user4> what is sahana
160<gift> what's the meaning of dynamically typed
161<user8> can we develop using python some vision based applications like 3d graphices & lots more
162<zakir> user4: sahana is a open source disaster management tool
163<chamindra> If you compare it to SQL Operation SQL Create INSERT Read (Retrieve) SELECT Update UPDATE Delete (Destroy) DELETE
164<user_3> why only python is used
165<zakir> user4: google for sahana
166<user8> ok fine ....
167<chamindra> Sahana is a Free and Open SOurce diaster management application
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171<chamindra> it has been used to help coordination efforts in disasters like the Asian Tsunami, Khasmir Earthquake, Philippines mudslides, and recently in Bihar China
172<user4> how does it helps in disaster management??
173<user_2> can some one please tell me the command again to
174<chamindra> Actually right now Sahana is based on PHP
175<zakir> user_3 python is being used because python is more powerful web development programming language
176<user_2> how to start the server
177<flavour> user4: Were you sleeping during the presentation that Ajay gave?
178<chamindra> we are thinking of moving to Python for th enext generation
179<flavour> user4:
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181 user4 user8 user9 user_10 user_2 user_3 user_35 user_6 user_7
182<flavour> user_3: Not 'only Python' people write in PHP, J2ME, JavaScript
183<zakir> user2 use ssh 2@
184<zakir> and password is guest
185<chamindra> But please feel free to ask more questions.. I am happy to answer even general ones
186<flavour> user_3: If you wish to write in Ruby, perl or Java, go ahead :)
187<zakir> flavour: some people directly came for the hacfest
188<flavour> Then accept the fact that this hackfest is about Python/JavaScript
189<chamindra> but one advantage of sticking to one language like Python or PHP is that you can keep the code base small and run it like a portable app from the USB stick
190<chamindra> right now Sahana will run as a portable application from USB as well
191<flavour> This is a very important deployment mechanism
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194<lut4rp> hippieindamakin8: hello n00b.
195<lut4rp> :P
196* ajuonline|mibbit kicks lut4rp
197<ajuonline|mibbit> lut4rp: people who know Python, should start hacking *now*
198<lut4rp> bleh.
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200<lifeeth> noob left
201<bootstrap_loader> Lmao!
202<user4> wat is HFOSS??
203<ajuonline|mibbit> user4 - Humanitarian FOSS., i did a talk today on it.
204<ajuonline|mibbit> user4: wait let me uplload the slides for you. rigtht now.
205<user_2> how to add a module
206<user_6> @chamindra : i got the zip file of the sahana project from the source forge site. it says that is it has to be installed first. so whats the php work in that?? do i have to install it first before starting to contribute to the php part of that?? plz remove the confusion :(
207<ajuonline|mibbit> user_2:
208<ankush_25> is pythan is just lik c
209<chamindra> ok be patient I will help you install it
210<lifeeth> user_6, no, sahana is already there on your system
211<user_3> what is irc??
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213<user_6> i mean to say that i am currently not on my personal computer. i m in the lab
214<lifeeth> user_6, the only thing you have to do is work on the code
215<flavour> user_3:
216<user_6> if i wish to edit it later what shall i do!
217<flavour> You're using IRC already...
218<flavour> user_6: you want to take a copy of your work today home with you?
219<chamindra> I think user_6 wants to check out the PHP code.. so let him do that also
220<flavour> Do a bzr pull later
221<flavour> Make a note of the URL
222<flavour> I will leave it up until next weekend
223<flavour> Ah
224<user4> can u pls give me a brief idea
225<flavour> That'll always be there
226<ajuonline|mibbit> user4: brief idea about?
227<zakir> user_6: will always be there
228<user_6> may be i would like to study it more even after the workshop is over
229<user_6> ok
230<user4> HFOSS
231<zakir> go there and start learn how to code for it and use it
232<zakir> user6 sure
233<flavour> user4:
234<chamindra> For those who want to know about H-FOSS
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236<lifeeth> user_35, IRC (internet relay protocol)
237<user_3> what is irc??
238<lifeeth> user_3,^^
239<lifeeth> blah
240<lifeeth> internet relay CHAT
241<chamindra> IRC is basically like a popular chatroom system for open source projects
242<flavour> Used by more than just opensource projects ;)
243<chamindra> it is _the_ original chatroom before yahoo and the rest came on the scene :-)
244<flavour> But a lot by them certainly
245<flavour> Well, BBS is more original than that ;)
246<chamindra> I guess :-)
247<flavour> & MOOs came before IRC even on Internet, I think
248<chamindra> and MUDs :-)
249<flavour> Right...
250<flavour> Anyway, off-topic, sorry ;)
251<chamindra> more questions anyone ?? Please feel free to ask anything you might want a clarification on
252<user_3> zen internet??
253<chamindra> for those who were interested in checking out and installing the PHP version of Sahana
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255<chamindra> the PHP demo can be found at .. This is the current release of Sahana
256<user4> pls tel somethng abt webpy
257<user9> ok
258<zakir> peopl do check out the deimo .. it will give you a clear idea on what sahana does
259<user9> now
260<user8> using sahana how can we tracking people in disaster
261<user9> we r leaving
262<zakir> user4: web2py is a framwork based on python
263<zakir> for more GOOGLE
264<chamindra> ok so Sahana what 3 different modules to track people
265<flavour> Web2Py:
266<user4> what for it is used??
267<chamindra> missing person registry module is for finding missing people, relatives by their description and appearance
268<chamindra> Disaster victim registry module is for tracking displaced families, mainly by the head of the familiy (i.e camp they are located in, what help they have been provided)
269<user8> ok sir thank a lots i m leaving now .... Its nice talking 2 ur sahana team
270<user8> bye all
271<chamindra> and lastly Volunteer management module is for helping to track all the people responding to the disaster (aid workers, government agents, volunteers)
272<user_2> user8 bye
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274<user4> wat are 3 different modules?
275<chamindra> In sahana each sub-application is a module
276<user4> modules used for tracking people??
277<chamindra> you can plugin the modules you want to use based on the disaster
278<zakir> user4 yes
279<zakir> thats one module
280<zakir> you have diff modules for diff tasks
281<chamindra> the three modules are missing person module, disaster victim module and volunteer management module
282<chamindra> when you look at you will understand this
283<chamindra> Each module has a seperate menu item
284<zakir> user4: you can check out
285<user4> basically what is volunteer management??
286<user8> ok 1 last q ? can u taught !about main modules files & form handlers
287<chamindra> well there are a lot of volunteers that want to help out during a disaster
288<chamindra> to help manage all their effort we have the volunteer management module
289<user_35> wat does the incident dropdown is supposed to indicate?
290<chamindra> basically it tracks peoples skills (e.g. medical, ) , their contact information and what projects they are working on
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292<chamindra> During a disaster there are sometimes multiple incidents
293<chamindra> for example during a earthquake
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295<chamindra> you can have a fire in a certain area .. and a building collapes in another
296<chamindra> each of these are seperate sub-disasters
297<chamindra> and we call them incidents
298<user_35> alrite
299<chamindra> this is not just in Sahana but the terminology emergency services use
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302<bootstrap_loader> I'm still now able to add the new module. :D
303<user_35> who is seamus quinn
304<bootstrap_loader> Any step by step guide for dummies?
305<flavour> bootstrap_loader: The Wiki is supposed to be that...feel free to edit it to make it better ;)
306<flavour> What exactly did you do?
307<flavour> What kidn of mocule are you adding?
308<bootstrap_loader> In the wiki, its written, add module to db.module
309<bootstrap_loader> I altered the url to mine
310<bootstrap_loader> Now, at each step, its saying invalid query and invalid request.
311<bootstrap_loader> :(
312<flavour> So which module?
313<flavour> If you're writing a vhecile management module then use 'veh'
314<flavour> Start by creating a file models/
315<bootstrap_loader> Ah, thanks.. I got it!
316<flavour> ok, I think that URL link is old...let me see what it should be updated to
318<flavour> Apologies
319<user_7> Kannel?????????
320<flavour> It's now db.s3_module
321<ajuonline|mibbit> user_7: please google for "Kannel"
322<flavour> user_7:
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324<flavour> Wiki updated for the correct URL: thanks for the bug report :)
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327<nickki> hey
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330<nickki> j
331<chamindra> Hi
332<chamindra> this is Sahana and Open Source 101 :-)
333<chamindra> if you have any questions feel free to ask
334<zakir> chamindra: :)
335<bootstrap_loader> flavour, when I tried to create a new module or s3 table, this ticket is issued
336<bootstrap_loader> Ticket issued: sahana/
337<bootstrap_loader> of*
338<flavour> So you added a new row to the db.s3_module table?
339<flavour> & immediately it ticketd?
340<flavour> & you can't see the ticket contents (due to some weirdness about the setup there which we can't yet fathom)
341<flavour> or was this after creating a new file in models?
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343<flavour> hmm, I get one after adding there too
344<flavour> I usually add to the model straight (i.e. into the startup in models/
345<flavour> & then delete my database & allow it to get recreated
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347<flavour> This is the ticket I get:
349<bootstrap_loader> flavour, Okays, let me try that..
350<flavour> Although that ticket is a 1-time
351<flavour> The data wasn't added
352<flavour> & nothing broken
353<flavour> But yes, best to edit it in code for long-term
354<flavour> # Populate table with Default modules
355<flavour> if not len(db().select(db[table].ALL)):
356<flavour> etc
357<bootstrap_loader> flavour, I think theres a problem with the server I'm using.. The IITk server.
358<nickki> ok flavouR tell me from where to delete tnhe database and give the commmand to recreate it
359<user_35> away
360<nickki> r u ther /
361<nickki> ?
362<flavour> delete all files in the databases folder
363<flavour> (You'll need to have Web2Py instance stopped for that)
364<flavour> Then simply restart the server
365<flavour> The 1 problem I know of with the IITK setup is that you can't view tickets
366<flavour> THius is quite a huge error
367<flavour> As otherwise *very* diffciullt to debug the programs
368<flavour> Would be much better to have verything local on each PC :/
369<flavour> Well, easier for Web2Py
370<flavour> I don't know about the other stuff
371<zakir> flavour: yes :( but we neeld to have root on every lab pc
372<flavour> That's not possible?
373<user_35> n=F
374<flavour> Re-image them afterwards
375<nickki> its M=F
376<bootstrap_loader> Working on it..
377<nickki> the error is still there dude
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380<chamindra> ok it is time for me to go to bed now.. All the best for the session :-) bfn
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383<nickki> bye flavour
384<nickki> hope u could have given me a solution
385<flavour> CU - we should have spent hours testing out this lab config
386<flavour> Unfortunately it's really tripped us up :/
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