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1<mdipierro> zakir, wait we are beyond that
2<satyag> _29gauravdott, ah got it so you are running remote X!!
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4<mdipierro> _29gauravdott: run using then read
6<mdipierro> and
8<zakir> mdipierro: oh sry
9<mdipierro> and make a tunnel that forwards to
10<_29gauravdott> mdipierro: getting this error
11<_29gauravdott> ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved While trying to retrieve the URL: The following error was encountered: * Connection to Failed The system returned: (111) Connection refused The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again. Your cache administrator is root. Generated Sat, 14 Feb 2009 17:43:44 GMT by (squi
12<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: the problem, unfortunately, is that there is no root on the local machine. so the tunnel would have to go something like to ?
13<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: _29gauravdott : i will explain the last Error to them
14<mdipierro> stop
15<mdipierro> type what I say
16<mdipierro> login into your server
17<mdipierro> stop all web2py instances
18<mdipierro> then run
19<mdipierro> python web2py -i -p 8080 -a 'hello'
20<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: or 17. .. ?
22<devilsadvocate> ok
23<mdipierro> what is your client? windows or linux?
24<ajuonline|mibbit> fedora
25<devilsadvocate> both are linux
26<devilsadvocate> client is mandriva
27<mdipierro> and the server is 172... correct
28<mdipierro> ?
29<devilsadvocate> yes
30<mdipierro> Now on your client machine do:
31<mdipierro> ssh -L 8080: username@
32<mdipierro> where username is your username
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34<mdipierro> hello?
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37<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: that is done
38<devilsadvocate> they pinged out of mibbit. getting them reconnected
39<mdipierro> now on your client. open browser and visit
40<zakir> devilsadvocate: any update on the admin issue
41<zakir> ?
42<devilsadvocate> zakir: working on it
43<mdipierro> we are in the middle o testing an ssh tunnnel
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45<mdipierro> works?
46<_29gauravdott> mdipierro: one sec
47<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: no
48<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: the link you sent suggested mod_proxy?
49<devilsadvocate> we skipped that step right
50<mdipierro> no need
51<mdipierro> do ps aux is the tunnel still there>
52<devilsadvocate> the tunnel command opened what looks like a usual ssh session
53<devilsadvocate> that is still open
54<devilsadvocate> as ps aux shows ssh sessions
55<devilsadvocate> but they dont look like a tunel
56<devilsadvocate> and*
57<devilsadvocate> tunnel
58<devilsadvocate> as in, there is no difference between the tunnel ssh and the other one
59<mdipierro> let me try another ssh statement. get back to you in a sec
60<mdipierro> kill the previous tunnel (exit the ssh session it created) and run
61<mdipierro> ssh -L 8080: -l username -N
62<mdipierro> where username is your username
63<mdipierro> then use the client browser to access
64<mdipierro> if it still does not work try
65<mdipierro> sh -L 8080: -l username -N
66<mdipierro> and make sure the server is still running web2py (ps aux | grep web2py on server)
67<mdipierro> hello?
68<mdipierro> devilsadvocate:
69<devilsadvocate> doing it
70<devilsadvocate> server should be running web2py on 8080
71<devilsadvocate> right?
72<mdipierro> On the server you should have done: python web2py -i -p 8080 -a 'hello'
73<mdipierro> and is youf do ps aux " grep web2py on server it should show it
74<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: its not running on 8080
75<devilsadvocate> and it refuses to start one on 8080
76<devilsadvocate> let me nmap it
77<mdipierro> killall python on the server
78<devilsadvocate> umm
79<devilsadvocate> ok
80<mdipierro> check ps aux | grep python
81<mdipierro> why is this taking so long? Are you doing more than what I say?
82<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: there are 5 instances of python
83<devilsadvocate> actually many
84<mdipierro> I have to leave in 10 minutes.
85<mdipierro> kill all thos python isnatnces
86<devilsadvocate> but 5 which are listening on 8029, ie, were started by this user
87<devilsadvocate> killall python did not kill them
88<devilsadvocate> kill -SIGTERM pid had no effect
89<mdipierro> more than one person are using this machine?
90<mdipierro> kill -9 pid
91<devilsadvocate> 8080 is not blocked by a web2py instance
92<mdipierro> ok try
93<mdipierro> on server
94<satyag> devilsadvocate, take care only for this user
95<mdipierro> You did not say more than one person is using the same machine.
96<mdipierro> are they also using the same web2py folder?
97<mdipierro> is so the will overwrite admin password
98<devilsadvocate> satyag: thats what i am doing
99<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: when you ssh -L and put in the opassword, what is supposed to happen
100<mdipierro> there should be one web2py instance running of the same folder. Get you act together. tell the other users to shut down their web2py instances or use theirs
101<devilsadvocate> as in in that terminal
102<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: these were all started here
103<mdipierro> One thing at the time
104<devilsadvocate> i suspect the processes were sent to bg
105<mdipierro> You have not got the server up and running on have you>
106<mdipierro> ?
107<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: no
108<mdipierro> so
109<devilsadvocate> it refuses to open 8080
110<devilsadvocate> i think the ssh tunnel is blocking the port
111<mdipierro> so type only what I say not one line more
112<mdipierro> on server
113<mdipierro> ps aux | grep python
114<mdipierro> cut and paste the output here
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116<devilsadvocate> pastebinning it
117<devilsadvocate> one sec
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122<flavour> Single shared server
123<flavour> Has a Web2Py instance for each user
124<flavour> Each has their own port available
125<mdipierro> All those web2py instances have to be killed (kill -9 id) by root or whoever sterated them
126<flavour> Why? Each has their own database etc don't they?
127<mdipierro> Onless they are running from different ports they will override each other admin password and people will be aunbale to login
128<flavour> They each have their own port
129<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: they are all on different ports
130<flavour> Their own applications folder
131<devilsadvocate> 8029 is assigned to this user
132<mdipierro> Are they different web2py installations? or do they share the same web2py/ folder?
133<flavour> Each uid has their own 80id port
134<mdipierro> forget ports
135<mdipierro> folders!
136<mdipierro> do they use the same web2py folder or not?
137* flavour doesn't know
138<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: different users, different home folders
139<zakir> mdipierro: diffrnt folders
140<flavour> Each home folder has own web2py folder, right?
141<zakir> yes
142<mdipierro> ok
143<devilsadvocate> flavour: mdipierro yes
144<mdipierro> so try this
145<mdipierro> so how are they using admin is they are running adn accessng remotely>
146<mdipierro> Are they all making tunnels?
147<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: yes
148<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: no
149<mdipierro> did they hack admin.controller/
150<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: there appeared to be no need for admin until now
151<mdipierro> ok
152<mdipierro> so this is settled.
153<mdipierro> now you type
154<mdipierro> python web2py -i -p 8180 -a 'hello'
155<mdipierro> or better
156<mdipierro> sorry
157<mdipierro> nohup python web2py -i -p 8180 -a 'hello' &
158<mdipierro> if you do ps aux | grep python is it there?
159<mdipierro> mdipierro thinking: why deviladvocate is running directly on the client machine?
160<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: no
161<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: dont have root on the clients
162<devilsadvocate> logistical issue
163<devilsadvocate> unfortunately
164<devilsadvocate> ok, we have a workaround
165<mdipierro> you do not need to
166<devilsadvocate> only one person claims top need admin
167<devilsadvocate> to *
168<devilsadvocate> we are giving root on server
169<devilsadvocate> and somehow it seems to work
170<devilsadvocate> im not exactly sure what it did
171<devilsadvocate> but it got into the interface
172<devilsadvocate> the web2py instance was started as root on 8080
173<mdipierro> I do not understand. DId this: nohup python web2py -i -p 8180 -a 'hello' &
174<mdipierro> work?
175<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: the process exited
176<devilsadvocate> it did not go into the background
177<mdipierro> what is in nohup.out
178<devilsadvocate> cant open file web2py no such file or directory
179<devilsadvocate> errno 21
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181<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: my bad
182<mdipierro> where is web2py? pwd?
183<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: ok, the nohup thing worked
184<devilsadvocate> the extension was missing
185<mdipierro> type
186<devilsadvocate> as in the server is running on 8180
187<mdipierro> wget
188<devilsadvocate> wget worked
189<mdipierro> now go to client
190<mdipierro> and type
191<mdipierro> ssh -L 8180: -l username -N
192<mdipierro> with your username
193<mdipierro> and open the client broswer at
194<mdipierro> works?
195<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: no
196<devilsadvocate> same error
197<mdipierro> which error?
198<devilsadvocate> cant connect
199<devilsadvocate> port 8180 localhost is not open
200<mdipierro> try
201<mdipierro> ssh -L 8180: -l username -N
202<mdipierro> works?
203<devilsadvocate> still doesnt work
204<devilsadvocate> when the ssh -L is run, what is supposed to happen in the terminal
205<mdipierro> what happes when you try:
206<mdipierro> ssh -L 8180: -l username -N
207<devilsadvocate> once the password is entered, it sort of just waits there
208<mdipierro> it is supposed to block
209<mdipierro> good that is what it should do and you should leave it there
210<ajuonline|mibbit> pics of the venu:
211<devilsadvocate> thats what we were doing, just making sure
212<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: no go.
213<mdipierro> I do not know why ssh tunnel is not working. nothing to do with web2py
214<mdipierro> perhaps local firewall issue
215<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: yeah. we'll go with the workaround
216<devilsadvocate> of giving them root on the server
217<devilsadvocate> it for some reason works
218<mdipierro> ok sorry. I really have to go not
219<devilsadvocate> if i figure out why i will let you know
220<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: ok
221<devilsadvocate> thanks for all the help
222<satyag> mdipierro, thanks for the help
223<mdipierro> why root? what difference does it make?
224<devilsadvocate> sorry our setup had to be so complicated
225<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: i dont know
226<mdipierro> just run on the server with
227<mdipierro> python -i -p 8180 -a "hello"
228<mdipierro> and edit applicaitons/controllers/
229<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: i'll try to figure out what is going on and let you know if i have any insight
230<mdipierro> and comment:
231<devilsadvocate> you go ahead.. dont let us keep you...
232<mdipierro> elif not remote_addr in hosts:
233<mdipierro> raise HTTP(200,T('Admin is disabled because unsecure channel'))
234<devilsadvocate> mdipierro: so basically temporarily silence the seuirty check
235<devilsadvocate> ok
236<devilsadvocate> got it
237<mdipierro> yes
238<devilsadvocate> will do
239<mdipierro> have fun!
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241<devilsadvocate> thanks
242<_29gauravdott> satyag: we are in using the root privileges - what's next
243<satyag> _29gauravdott, so aer you on with the admin page in browser
244<_29gauravdott> yes
245<satyag> _29gauravdott, click the admin interface and loging
246<satyag> _29gauravdott, click the admin interface and login
247<_29gauravdott> done
248<satyag> _29gauravdott, can you see sahana in the list
249<satyag> of installed applications
250<_29gauravdott> yup
251<satyag> click on sahana
252<_29gauravdott> yup
253<_29gauravdott> done
254<satyag> ok click on register
255<_29gauravdott> got an inferace of sahana
256<satyag> link on the top
257<_29gauravdott> err sahana
258<_29gauravdott> ya registered
259<_29gauravdott> and logged in
260<satyag> register as admin user
261<_29gauravdott> ??
262<flavour> 1st user to register is assigned the adminsitrator role
263<flavour> So just register a user
264<_29gauravdott> k done
265<flavour> That should automatically have logged you in as that user too
266<_29gauravdott> ya i am in
267<flavour> Modules | Sahana Home
268<flavour> Should have extra menu items
269<flavour> 1 of which is 'Test'
270<satyag> flavour, hmm i get ticket issued
271<flavour> That runs the current Selenium tests
272<flavour> satyag: When? What does ticket say?
273<flavour> (Use
274<satyag> flavour, when i try to login
276<flavour> accepts() got an unexpected keyword argument 'form_name'
277<satyag> flavour, any im back in
278<flavour> This is using current Trunk for both Web2Py & Sahana?
279<flavour> Wonder why you get that & no-one else does
280<satyag> flavour, yes from the demo server though
281<flavour> . /should/ be OK, but I wouldn't trust it
282<flavour> I don't see any form_name in my controllers/
283<satyag> _29gauravdott, did you click on test link on the left side
284<satyag> _29gauravdott, click that see what happens
285<_29gauravdott> ya ran couple of tests
286<_29gauravdott> but not sure what's happening
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288<satyag> _29gauravdott, dont worry too much we will be doin that next
289<_29gauravdott> i added couple of people in the registry and deleted too
290<satyag> _29gauravdott, before that visit
291<satyag> _29gauravdott, wait
292<_29gauravdott> and also used selenium test runner
293<_29gauravdott> do the database allow the duplicate entries?
294<_29gauravdott> because selenium test runner entered two test persons with exact same info
295<satyag> _29gauravdott, we will get to that first have you read
296<_29gauravdott> satyag: will be back in 5 min
297<satyag> _29gauravdott, sure
298<_29gauravdott> satyag: m back reading blueprints
299<flavour> _29gauravdott: TestRunner should add random data
300<flavour> The Person bit is only very briefly done
301<flavour> Which fields can be dupolkicated or not is defined in the Model
302<flavour> In the table.field.requires lines
303<_29gauravdott> k
304<satyag> _29gauravdott, dont read all at once
305<satyag> _29gauravdott, lets pick up
306<_29gauravdott> satyag: k on the way
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308<satyag> _29gauravdott, lets pick authorization
309<satyag> _29gauravdott, are you there
310<_29gauravdott> satyag: yup just reading on
311<satyag> _29gauravdott, just read the authorization part
312<satyag> _29gauravdott, one line "Anonymous access is granted for all Read operations, with Create/Update/Delete requiring a user to be Authenticated "
313<_29gauravdott> satyag: their are several possibilities in the authorization section
314<satyag> _29gauravdott, what do you understand by that line
315<flavour> That is the current system - very basic
316<flavour> We want to extend that
317<_29gauravdott> that means that it is a wiki like senario u can read stuff
318<flavour> So that tables & even fields can be protected for each action
319<flavour> has the functionality for that
320<_29gauravdott> but to modify or create or delete it u must to registered
321<flavour> (Sorry, that's off-topic for Testing)
322<satyag> _29gauravdott, yup
323<satyag> _29gauravdott, so lets create a test case base on this
324<_29gauravdott> satyag: go ahead
325<satyag> _29gauravdott, got firefox --->tools --->selenium ide
326<_29gauravdott> satyag: then?
327<satyag> _29gauravdott, now it will reacord all our actions
328<satyag> err record
329<_29gauravdott> ya its doing
330<satyag> the test scenario is "Anonymous access is granted for all Read operations, with Create/Update/Delete requiring a user to be Authenticated "
331<satyag> before that lets log out as admin
332<satyag> since we are testing for Anounymous access
333<satyag> _29gauravdott, before that close selenium ide also
334<_29gauravdott> done
335<satyag> start selenium ide again
336<_29gauravdott> yup done
337<satyag> so lets test this "Anonymous access is granted for all Read operations, with Create/Update/Delete requiring a user to be Authenticated "
338<satyag> and selenium will record it for us
339<satyag> try two or three operations
340<satyag> then stop the recording
341<_29gauravdott> satyag: i am not getting it how to test that
342<satyag> ok tell me where u r not following
343<_29gauravdott> satyag: so lets test this "Anonymous access is granted for all Read operations, with Create/Update/Delete requiring a user to be Authenticated "
344<_29gauravdott> satyag: what does this above line means
345<satyag> _29gauravdott, as you have understood the line it should allow anonymous access for certain operations
346<satyag> others should be authenticated
347<_29gauravdott> satyag: yup but how to test them
348<satyag> so we will try to create a test case
349<satyag> ok follow my steps
350<_29gauravdott> satyag: my aplozies for my poor testing skills
351<satyag> _29gauravdott, np
352<satyag> _29gauravdott, 1) logout of sahana
353<_29gauravdott> done
354<satyag> 2) Start selenium ide
355<satyag> selenium gets into record mode the moment it starts
356<_29gauravdott> next?
357<satyag> so all your actions will be recorded
358<_29gauravdott> ya
359<satyag> now you need to check the links in Sahana
360<satyag> if they comply with "Anonymous access is granted for all Read operations, with Create/Update/Delete requiring a user to be Authenticated" statement
361<satyag> and once you move around in the menu two or three steps stop selenium ide by pressing the red button
362<satyag> _29gauravdott, are you following dont hesitate to ask again ;-)
363<satyag> _29gauravdott, so what we are doing is actually creating a test case based on the Functional specs
364<satyag> _29gauravdott, trying to test if the code is in compliant with it or not
365<_29gauravdott> satyag: actually i am having the test window in another instance of firefox and selenium ide is not catching my actions from that instance
366<_29gauravdott> that another instance has the root access which was fired up through shell
367<satyag> _29gauravdott, ok then you start selenium from the instance where sahana is running
368<satyag> _29gauravdott, and do you have slenium ide installed for that if not do it
369<_29gauravdott> selenium ide not showing in that instance
370<satyag> _29gauravdott, ok install it
371<satyag> _29gauravdott, get into a new tab
373<satyag> and install
374<_29gauravdott> satyag: ya i installed it and am migrating completely to that instance so will be off for few seconds
375<satyag> _29gauravdott, teke your time
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378<_29gauravdott> satyag: m back
379<satyag> _29gauravdott, start off with FF with Selenium
380<_29gauravdott> ya now its working and i am actually testing
381<satyag> _29gauravdott, cool
382<satyag> _29gauravdott, stop the ide after two or three steps
383<_29gauravdott> satyag: done
384<satyag> _29gauravdott, will show you how the test driver works and how these test cases have to be organized
385<satyag> selenium_ide ---> file -----> save test case
386<satyag> save test case as
387<_29gauravdott> saved
388<satyag> where did you save
389<_29gauravdott> in my working folder
390<satyag> anyway
391<satyag> you need to save it in /web2py/applications/sahana/static/selenium/tests
392<satyag> you can copy it to that folder
393<satyag> do it
394<_29gauravdott> saved as test1 in the directory u specified
395<satyag> _29gauravdott, better idea we can organize them too
396<_29gauravdott> like ?
397<satyag> _29gauravdott, since according to blueprints its authorization so lets creat a dir under tests as auth
398<satyag> _29gauravdott, all the tests related to authorization can go in there
399<_29gauravdott> k done that too
400<satyag> copy the html from your home to this dir
401<satyag> _29gauravdott, so are you done
402<_29gauravdott> satyag: i completed organization registry module tested and saved it
403<flavour> _29gauravdott: Sounds great :)
404<satyag> in the auth directory under selenium/tests
405<flavour> Pls push that up to Bzr on
406<_29gauravdott> flavour: ya me too
407<flavour> bzr push bzr+ssh://
408<satyag> flavour, not yet
409<satyag> flavour, need to add to the testsuite??
410<flavour> Yes pls :)
411<flavour> But even if not still useful stuff
412<satyag> _29gauravdott, so lets add this test case to the testsuite
413<satyag> _29gauravdott, before we push it
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415<_29gauravdott> its saying no new revisions to push
416<satyag> _29gauravdott, wait
417<satyag> _29gauravdott, go to /web2py/applications/sahana/static/selenium/tests
418<satyag> _29gauravdott, open the file TestSuite.html
419<satyag> _29gauravdott, add your testcase there
420<_29gauravdott> satyag: done
421<_29gauravdott> satyag: opened in vi
422<satyag> some where under <tr><td><a href="logout.html">Logout</a></td></tr>
423<satyag> _29gauravdott,whats your file name i mean the .html
424<satyag> _29gauravdott, is it under auth directory
425<ajuonline|mibbit> _29gauravdott: what user name you want on the WIKI ? so that you can document all the work you did. I need your name. user name,
426<_29gauravdott> organizationRegistryTestCase is the name of file
427<_29gauravdott> i want the name gauravdott
428<satyag> _29gauravdott, what do you say to the convention of naming them after the Blueprints
429<satyag> _29gauravdott, so that some consistency is there
430<satyag> _29gauravdott, and by just reading the file name we will know what kind of test it is
431<satyag> _29gauravdott, think about it
432<_29gauravdott> satyag: sorry abt that but i have not really not gone through naming conventions till now
433<satyag> _29gauravdott, np think something which will be easy to follow
434<satyag> and in line with specs from bluprints
435<satyag> you can document later also
436<satyag> since i see a scenario where we will be lost in tons of test cases withput a clue
437<ajuonline|mibbit> _29gauravdott: email?
438<satyag> what they are doing
440<satyag> _29gauravdott, so its a good idea to keep the house in some order from day one ;-)
441<satyag> _29gauravdott, ok so you have saved the file
442<_29gauravdott> yup
443<satyag> _29gauravdott, after you add and entry for your file
444<satyag> _29gauravdott, we will test again if the test case we created is being called
445<satyag> flavour, you there
446<_29gauravdott> yup
447<satyag> _29gauravdott, so thats it to creating test cases for functionality
448<satyag> _29gauravdott, dont forget to check in your test cases
449<satyag> _29gauravdott, and start adding more test cases based on blue prints
450* flavour here
451<satyag> flavour, i am done explaining him the process
452<_29gauravdott> yup here their are lot of restrictions so i will be working on it once i get back at home
453<satyag> flavour, what next
454<flavour> satyag: Great explaining thanks :)
455<_29gauravdott> and hope everything is fine
456<satyag> _29gauravdott, np we will catch up
457<flavour> Basically repeat for other modules, add all to TestSuite & then bzr push them up
458<flavour> Well, release early, release often
459<satyag> _29gauravdott, there is plenty of stuff in testing
460<flavour> So bzr push up intermediate steps
461<_29gauravdott> satyag: thanks very very much for ur step by step detailed help
462<flavour> _29gauravdott: Great to hear you're up for carrying on afterwards :)
463<flavour> We can certainly use help
464<flavour> Selenium is a great tool
465<_29gauravdott> bye
466<flavour> _29gauravdott: Pls bzr push up the stuff you've done so we can build on that later
467<flavour> Rather than wasting it
468<satyag> _29gauravdott, do a push before you go
469<ajuonline|mibbit> awesome!! work :D
470<ajuonline|mibbit> thanks satyag & _29gauravdott
471* _29gauravdott has quit (" ajax IRC Client")
472* ajuonline|mibbit has quit (" ajax IRC Client")
473<satyag> flavour, i get an error when tryin to push
474<flavour> ?
475<satyag> bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Try using "merge" and then "push".
476<satyag> bzr push bzr+ssh://
477<satyag>'s password:
478<satyag> This transport does not update the working tree of: bzr+ssh:// See 'bzr help working-trees' for more information.
479<satyag> bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Try using "merge" and then "push".
480<flavour> Right, because nursix pushed the jquery fix
481<flavour> It'll be very safe to merge 1st as done in diff areas
482<flavour> So
483<flavour> bzr merge ........
484<flavour> then bzr push .....
485<satyag> yes did that
486<satyag> before that i did a ci also
487<satyag> flavour, ok got it to rev 99
488<flavour> push succesful? :)
489<satyag> good night
490<satyag> will sleep now
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