Milestone 0.9.0 "Medway"

Completed 10 years ago (12/01/12 18:00:00)

River Medway


  • Advanced Interactive Search Methods in the RESTful API (Dominic, done)
  • S3DateWidget to improve ability to control date widgets (e.g. Birth Date) (done)
  • Importer UI (simple) (done)
  • Optimise JS Loads by moving to just before </BODY>


  • Improved ACL integration (done)
  • ACLs for anonymous writes (done)
  • Menus auto-configuring according to user permissions (done)
  • OrgAuth (done)

Requests Management:

  • Can Request Skills, Items or General (done)

Logistics Management System:

  • Inventory (done)

Asset Management

Vehicle Management

  • Simple functionality extending the Assets module (done)

Scenarios & Events

  • Simple functionality for assigning Resources to a specific Scenario & then being able to activate these for an Event


  • restructured both Server-side & client-side to make it easier to maintain/extend
  • GeoJSON Feature Layers to allow BBOX & Refresh strategies
  • LocationSelector optimised by moving code to static
  • Map based Search
  • Highlight Popup shows more fields


  • Can print out OCR-able forms (done)
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