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Data Model

  1. Item name 8 (no. of characters)
  2. Partnered item 10
  3. Warehouse located 10
  4. Item description 200
  5. Item Specifics
    1. Producer 10
    2. Type 15
    3. Weight 5
    4. Color 5
    5. Value 5
    6. Volume 5
    7. Unit dimensions
    • Length 5
    • Width 5
    • Height 5
  6. Packaging Specifics
    1. Units/Box 3
    2. Box Weight 5
    3. volume 5
    4. Box Shipment Dimensions
    • Length 5
    • Width 5
    • Height 5

total number of items == 12

Emergency Supply List


Date of Publishing

12 october 2010

Data Model

  1. Material number
  2. Short description

Categories / Sub-categories

  1. Material number
  2. program name a.

number of items

  1. Education 6
  2. EDU/CP 2
  3. Health 38
  4. Health / Nutrition 6
  5. Health / WASH 1
  6. Nutrition 30
  7. IT 19
  8. Staff Support 25 TOTAL 164

Short Description

The UNCIEF emergency supply catalogue consists of items that have been identified by UNCIEF as being particularly useful during an emergency. However, this list is not exhaustive and other items can be ordered as part of an emergency response.the catalog consists of 165(approx) items under various programmes such as Education, EDU/CP,Health, Health / Nutrition , Health / WASH, Nutrition, WASH, IT and Staff Support



Date of publishing

21 april 2010

Data Model

  1. Name 10
  2. Item No 16
  3. General Description 1442
  4. Expected Life Span 646
  5. Shipping/Container Information 83
  6. Packing: 931
  7. Graphic Designs
  8. Technical specifications
    1. Technical and physical characteristics of the product
    2. Design details
    3. Functional specifications
    4. Material properties
    5. ISO standards
  9. Printing of UNHCR’s Logo

Categories / Sub-categories

  1. Shelter Items
  2. Domestic Items

Number Of Items

  1. Shelter items 5
  2. Domestic items 8

Total number of itmes 13

Short Description

The catalogue includes the specifications and quality requirements for 13 standard life-sustaining items such as plastic tarpaulins, family tents, fleece blankets, sleeping mats, kitchen sets, jerry cans and buckets. For each of the Core NFI products, the catalogue defines the functional specifications, which are the basic characteristics of the products. The catalogue includes information about the performance requirements of the products, performance specifications, and sets out the technical and physical characteristics of the products. The items included in the Core Non-Food Items Catalogue (CNFIC) are considered standard and the specifications are genericwith the aim to provide a specific function. The catalogue does not include indicative prices for the items or references to any manufacturers that currently hold frame agreements for the supply of the mentioned products with UNHCR

Emergency Items Catalog


Date of Publishing


Data Model

  1. Code
  2. Description
  3. Ind. Price
  4. Ship. Weight
  5. Ship. vol.
  6. General information
  7. specifications

Number Of Items


Categories and Sub-categories

Warehouse and Administration

Introduction Packaging Warehouse equipment Freight transport equipment Kits, administration, identification Air conditioning

Relief and Logistics Kits and ERU

Logistic ERU Relief ERU Kits, distribution

Personnel security equipment

Introduction Body protection Safety in transport Personnal and team equipment/consumables

Radio and Telecommunication

Introduction HF radios VHF/UHF radios Satellite communication Telephone Accessories and consumables Telecom ERU kits

Power supply and electrical equipment

Introduction Batteries Voltage control and inverters Lighting, cables, and accessories Generators Kits, lighting and solar

Tools and Hardware

Introduction General purpose tools Electronic and radiocom tools Mechanical tools Agricultural tools Measuring instruments Hardware


Introduction Cereals Pulses Edible oils Canned food Other food products Milk Nutrition specialised products Food Parcels


Introduction Kitchen equipment, kitchen sets Hygiene products Cleaning products Bedding and clothes Stoves and heaters

Shelter and construction materials

Introduction Shelters, tent, kits, accessories Collective service tents Construction materials


Introduction Seeds

Vehicles and consumables

Introduction Cars Vehicle kits Trucks Motorbikes Boats Fuels and lubricants Other vehicule equipment and

Water and Sanitation

Introduction Hand pumps Motor pumps Water tanks Couplings Hoses and pipes Valves and taps, tap stands Water treatment equipment Water treatment products Water testing Sanitation Hygiene promotion Water and Sanitation Disaster

Drug products

WHO model list


Antiseptics and disinfectants External ophtalmic drugs External use drugs Infusions Injections Oral drugs Vaccines and sera

Medical disposable supplies

Introduction Anaesthesia Catheters, tubes, and drains Disposable linen Dressings Injections supplies Various disposable materials Sutures and suture needles Sterilization X-Ray

Medical equipment

Introduction Anaesthesia Sterilization Linen and operative fields Medical equipment Surgical equipment X-Ray machines and equipment

Cold chain

Introduction Fridges and freezers Cold boxes Various cold chain materials


Introduction Diagnostic tests Laboratory reagents Laboratory supplies Laboratory equipment

Physical Rehabilitation

Introduction Orthopaedic technology Physiotherapy

Basic health care ERU

Introduction BHC Modules, item lists BHC information per NS

Emergency care and triage

Introduction Emergency care and triage post Kit, drugs and medical single use, 50 w.w

Rapid Deployment Emergency Hospital

Introduction Rapid Deployment Emergency Hospital

Referral hospital ERU

Introduction ERU, Referral Hospital, item lists

Surgical hospital, weapon wounded

Introduction Kit, drugs and medical single use, 50 w.w Hospital, 100 w. wounded, 50 beds

Medical Kits

First Aid Kits Cholera Kit Immunisation Kit Reproductive Health Kit

Feeding and nutrition Kits

Introduction Medico-Nutritionnal Kit Kitchen and Feeding Center kits

Medical sets

Introduction Medical sets, self standing Medical sets, specific to hospital modules

Surgical instruments and sets

Introduction Surgical instrument sets Surgical instruments

Short Description

The need for improved standardization and harmonization of emergency relief and medical items provided by donors and major operational players has been expressed over the years. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross supported by National Societies have coordinated their joint efforts towards this objective. The catalogue lists over 2,000 standard commodities with product specification details for each item. The catalogue is intended to facilitate the selection and acquisition of the suitable items notably during emergency operations. Standardisation is intended to facilitate field operations and logistics support, improve quality insurance, communication and reporting, and also to avoid inappropriate donations. The catalogue provides generic technical specifications for essential items. The catalogue provides guidance and assistance to:

1.Operation requesters, operational users and decision makers and also donors and national authorities concerned with planning, budgeting and execution of assistance programmes in emergency situations.

2.Purchasers and suppliers involved with the supply of emergency items.

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