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    44== Introduction ==
    5 <Briefly describe the solution?>
    6 <What problem is this solution solving?>
    7 <How will this solution add value to Sahana?>
    8 <Name any similar existing solutions>
     5Our augmented reality will serve as a method of finding and recovering of people stranded, injured or in need of immediate assistance. It will serve as a real-time "map" of sorts that takes advantage of the onboard camera in smartphones/tablets. As the image is on screen it will overlay the exact location, severity and specifics of people in need. Augmented reality will mitigate the difficulties emergency managers have in finding the exact location of people in need. Augmented reality will take it a step further by giving the emergency responder exact details about the person(s) in need so that they can evaluate and prioritize based on extending factors. This will give Sahana the ability to quickly and more efficiently reach out to people in danger in the wake of a natural or man made disaster. Solutions similar to this do exist but for different purposes, spanning across education, gaming, sports/entertainment and navigation.
    106== Stakeholders ==
    117Emergency personnel and people in or near a crisis zone. Statistics reporting and missing persons agencies will be able to more easily report on people using the app. This should simplify some aspects of rescue operations and news propagation of crises to affected peoples in modern areas.