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    88== User Stories ==
    10 Rescue Team User Case
     10Rescue Team User Case:
    1112Search and rescue teams want to see if there are any people they might have missed in an area. They want some way for people who have working mobile phones to be able to contact them and let them know where they are. This would make their job much easier and quicker.\
    13 User Story 2:
    14 Something something rada rada rada families and disasters
     14Hurricane Katrina Rescue Case:
     16On August 29th 2005 a catastrophic storm, hurricane Katrina, slammed into the Southeastern coastal region of the United States with winds as high as 175 mph at land fall and a storm surge of 24-28 feet high!  My family and I were unable to evacuate because we did not own any vehicles.  Our house is located at 9112 Gladiators St, Chalmette, LA.  Water levels have begun to reach 10-12 feet high and it is just around 12 p.m., forcing my family to the attic with no way out. Every house within eye site is underwater and we have no way out. 
     18Earthquake Rescue Case:
     20My name is Katarina Smith, and my house is located at 6562 Candleberry Rd, Las Vegas, NV.  We have just experienced an earthquake and my 11 year old daughter's roof collapsed leaving her trapped under the rubble.  Our daughters room is on the second story located on the northeastern quadrant of the house.  Coordinates Lat, long = (36.113372, -115.23533500000002. 
    1521== Requirements ==