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    4242=== Data Model ===
    4343Each situtaion that will appear in the augmented reality will be referred to as an event. Each even will contain four four categories - meta data, threat level, a photo and a brief description. The meta data will include the latitude and longitude that can be taken from the device used to update the database through the onboard sensors. Optionally, it will include the altitude (such as 4th floor, under rubble, etc) entered manually. In case of an event API. Similarly the general location can be entered for remote locations where neither a street address or latitude and longitude can be entered (such as between "x" river and "y" river). The threat level will be entered on a scale of 1 to 100 with 1 being events that need to be addressed but not urgently and 100 being events that are severely urgent and need to be addressed immediately. On the augmented reality UI the severity will be represented on the map as a color ranging from red(highest need) to green to blue(lowest need) with darker shades meaning a higher rating and lighter shades meaning a lower rating. Also, a photo should be included that shows the location of the event to give the responder a more visual notion of the location of the event. Finally, a brief description is to be included to verbal state the event. The description is to be as concise as possible (such as "broken leg, bleeding out" or "open and dirty cut, bleeding slowly").
    44 === App Mock Ups ===
    45 *Tablet Mock Up
     44== App Mock Ups ==
     45=== Tablet Mock Up ===
    48 *Smart Phone Mock Up
     48=== Smart Phone Mock Up ===