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    6464== Future Extensions ==
    6565As Google Glass is released and integrate it could be a key asset. It could be used to entirely replace a camera with the direct eyesight of the responder, mitigating the need for holding a smart phone or tablet. Potentially, it could be adapted into a more rugged, durable piece of hardware that is more apt to emergency response. Similarly, as smart watches become more integrated it could be applied to augmented reality. It could be used to display how many events are in the range of "x" meters or kilometers or to display how many new events have been recently added all while the application is not in use or running in the background on the smart phone or tablet.
    66 == Outstanding Questions ==
    67 How to ensure that all self reports by impacted people are real reports and not false. (Prank calls to 911 for instance)
    6966== Afterthoughts ==
    7067The main implementation of this project will be on mobile devices. As an emergency responder, any use for a laptop would be to access the database and that could be done by remote connection to the database. Conversely, if a victim had access to a computer and internet access through it they would not be the time of events we are seeking to mitigate. We feel as if a website would be overkill and, frankly, a waste of resources.