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    2020== Alerting Sequence ==
    2121[[Image(, width=600px)]]
     23The sequence of entering data and completing the process authoring an alert for approval or directly issuing require several steps. These steps can also depend on the predefined alert templates. For example, an alert template that is defined to accommodate multiple languages would require the additional steps of completing the extra info segments. Therefore, the GUI designers should use the knowledge from the CAP message template to define the sequence indicator shown in the image above. Here are the general steps
     241. Click create alert button, which would present the user with the '''Alert block''' to change or enter any alert qualifier information and then save the form
     251. Once the Alert block is saved the process should navigate to the '''Information block'''. The information block may contain more than one segment, i.e. one for each language. After saving the first Info block for the first language the sequence indicator will show that to be competed. And when the next Info block is saved the next green light will come on, so on and so forth
    2226== Alert Segment ==