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    44== Introduction ==
    6 "CAP on a Map Project" is an integration of the [ Common Alerting Protocol] that helps mapping every significant risks, disaster or catastrophe in a country, to present the holistic view of how the situation could be unfold during the worst case scenario.
    8 Maldives National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) was established with an aim to coordinate the emergency situations and help effectively mitigate the impact of disasters in the country. This national organization requires such a system that is interoperable and compatible with different existing technologies (Web Services, FM Radio, TV, etc.). Hence the use of Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) with the ability to interoperate between different National and International Alerting and Warning Systems fully supports the theme “Improving Coastal Resilience through Multi-Agency Situational Awareness (MASA)”. ‘Maldives CAP on a Map Project’ helps to improve the organizational reaction to the emergency situation in Maldives.  It aims to bridge the disparity in the systems between different organizations to disseminate the Disaster Information.
    10 Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO) is developed by Sahana Software Foundation (SSF) to help people with the Early Warning Messages of all kind of disaster and hence manage and deliver situational awareness. The project will implement and customize the existing SAMBRO in Maldives to serve the MASA practices.
     6This is a [ SAMBRO specific deployment]. SAMBRO is customized for the Maldivian context. Maldives National Disaster Management Center (NDMC) is the principal implementor working in partnership with Maldives Meteorological Services (MMS). NDMC with its mandate to in coordinating emergencies will lead the CAP implementation and host the SAMBRO software.
    127== Stakeholders ==