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    4949In order to support different hazard alert and multiple messaging type according to Urgency, Certainty and Severity and different geographical location, system requires different GIS Data Layers to visualize those in the maps.
     51=== Notes ===
     52* SMS
     53 * Met doing right now...should move to DMC
     54 * Local gateway just has web ui no API
     55 * Clickatell support theoretically good: both carriers (CBF don't support)
     56 * No need to support Unicode as handsets don't display it anyway
     57* Need to link to VHF & Cell Broadcast (VHF may be safer with human operator as TTS may not be reliable)
     58* CAP workflow
     59 * Want to deny Approvers from being able to create messages - needs to be separate people.
     60* Public UI
     61 * Want local script for public UI but not admin UI
     62 * ? Want to be able to have SAMBRO HTTP POST new alerts to them (so they don't need to poll RSS feed too heavily)
     63* GIS
     64 * No sub-national boundary data available?
     65 * No hazard maps available (GIC happy to work with them from March)
     66 * DMC trained on using ISDR's CAPRA-GIS, happy with it but Windows desktop app.
     67  *
     68  *
     69  * "Improved ability to do Assessments from 6 months to 4 days." uploading Excel worksheets collected on laptops
     70* Plans
     71 * DMC plan to open 19 sub-offices on different islands.
     72 * Dev who can do Foundation themes & PHP, happy to learn Python
    5173== Design ==