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    3333||create SOP check-lists ||The implementers will generate a set of SOP check-lists that are event and first-responder specific. SOPs for the police with evacuation procedures for a given event are different from the SOPs medical technicians would follow with tracking emergency patients. ||
    3434||configure SOP check-list ||First we must '''get event type''' and '''get subscriber groups'''. A SOP check-list will be assigned for the group for a particular event. We would also set a flag that the check-list is requested for specific warning priorities (i.e. low priority messages are informative and do not require activating a SOP) ||
    35 ||issue CAP alert msg ||At the time of authoring a message, the Editor would set the Event Type and Warning Priority, which would determine the first-responder groups that should '''receive CAP alert msg''' through the '''deliver CAP alert msg''' process. In the CAP alert msg they would receive a URL with the link to SOP check-list This link would typically be a CAP <resource> element. ||
     35||request SOP status ||The request is sent our as a separate alert, not necessarily as a CAP message but a simple alert. The process would '''get CAP alert area''' because the SOP request is sent out to recipients in the location defined by the CAP alert area. The process must get CAP identifier and must get subscriber to associate with the SOP check-list responses. ||
    3636||update SOP check-list ||The first-responder would click on the link, login, and complete the check-list (questionnaire) and save it. They may update the SOP at various stages of the SOP. For example, the police might update the SOP indicating they have begun evacuating people. Once the evacuation is complete, they would count the number of people and update the SOP check-list with the people count. ||
    3737||record SOP status ||The process will '''get SOP check-list ID''', '''get subscriber''' (or Person ID) and '''get CAP identifier''' (i.e. message id) to update the status of the check-list with the information provided by the first-responder ||