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    7676     a. Polygon or Circe only - the user may chose to either define a polygon or a circle. In either case they would provide lat/lon pairs to define the shape.
    7777     a. areaDesc and Polygon/Circle - the user may decide to provide an are description as in (a) and a series of lat/lon pairs to define the geographical shape of the area mentioned in the areaDesc
    78      a. Predefined areaDesc - this is a concept outside the scope of the CAP standard. This is a feature we introduce for ease-of-use. Users will
     78     a. Predefined areaDesc - Similar to (b) but combining with (c), a feature introduced for the ease-of-use. Based on a risk assessment exercise, the users will develop predefined alert area polygons. These polygons will be categorized by the eventType, Incident, Administrative jurisdictions and associated with an area description. During the time of creating a message, when a user defines the eventType, that would trigger for filtering the relevant list of predefine polygons. Additionally, the user may continue to filter by selecting the District and a provide a District name to further filter the predefined polygons. Thereafter, they would select the relevant areaDesc from the present list. Upon selection the polygon or circle shape lat/lon pairs would be automatically populated.
    8080Sahana Agasti has a CAP broker implementation but is currently deprecated