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    5656     a. Saves the message as an "actual" alert with a scope set to "Public"
    5757     a. Chooses to broadcast the message through the cellular networks, share with all TV/Radio stations
     58==== Approve and Reject CAP Alert ====
     59     a. Authenticated User creates the CAP Alert
     60     a. This CAP Alert needs approval from people assigned with alert_approval role
     61     a. The alert_approval people are emailed and SMS about the approval with the link
     62     a. alert_approval people open the link, login and are presented with "Approve Alert" and "Reject Alert" button at the top (rheader) along with the data that needs to be approved
     63     a. CAP Alert are approved or rejected via approve/reject method
     64     a. The approval alert provides the audit of who approved the message and when it was approved, while the reject deletes the CAP Alert
     65     a. If approve/reject has not been performed within the required time, then the email/SMS should go out again, repeating until it is resolved
    5866==== Turn on Siren Towers ====
    5967A warning agency learns of a tsunami warning and wants to '''activate a system with a CAP message''' (e.g. siren towers)