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    6767     a. The approval alert provides the audit of who approved the message and when it was approved, while the reject deletes the CAP Alert
    6868     a. If approve/reject has not been performed within the required time, then the email/SMS should go out again, repeating until it is resolved
     69==== SOP Check List ====
     70First-responders (special group of subscribers or message recipients) entrusted with carrying our various Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) would have a guide in the form of a check-list. The SOP check-list is for the Central Authority to receive feedback from the ground troops (first-responders) on the status of the alert/warning instigated activities
     71     a. The implementers would generate an Event Type specific SOP check-lists and save then in the database
     72     a. Those check-lists are then assigned to various administrator generated subscriber groups
     73     a. When a message is issued and the subscriber group is selected, the URL to the check-list is sent as a <resource> to the recipients
     74     a. The recipients, then execute their SOPs and frequently update the status of the check-list
     75     a. The Central Authority would generate reports that would monitor the progress of the check-list
    6977==== Turn on Siren Towers ====
    7078A warning agency learns of a tsunami warning and wants to '''activate a system with a CAP message''' (e.g. siren towers)