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    2525SAMBRO subscribers could be human or other systems (e.g [ Google's Alerthub]). SAMRBO message publishers would be provided with functionality to manage reusable CAP message template and issue CAP messages over multiple channels such as HTTP posts, RSS/Atom feeds, SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook, so on and so forth. The CAP standard also requires that implementers define a CAP-Profile. These are typically considered as CAP Country Profiles. Therefore, the module will feature those components for managing those implementation specific profiles.
    2626== Description ==
    27 User story:
    28 * A an emergency response agency learns of an imminent disaster say a Tsunami, and the following are the steps they take up:
    29 * In Eden's CAP interface the operator chooses the CAP Profile for their region
    30 * He then chooses a CAP Template specific for Tsunami
    31 * He then edits the blanked out fields in the template (for example, area description, severity) and also sets a few flags (these are provided as per the CAP 1.2 specification)
     27'''User stories:'''
     291. A warning agency learns of an imminent hazard event (e.g. cyclone) and want to warn the targeted public at risk:
     30     1. Authorized user chooses to create a new message
     31     1. If presented to select a template (e.g. Cyclone template)
     32     1. Completes the missing information specific to the event such as event, headline, onset, description, instructions, effective, areaDesc, etc
     33     1. Repeat the "info" segment of the message for each language, as specified by the profile
     34     1. Saves the message as an "actual" alert with a scope set to "Public"
     35     1. Chooses to broadcast the message through the cellular networks, share with all TV/Radio stations
    3236* He will then optionally attach files (eg. containing pre-decided evacuation instructions etc) and also add a few more language templates and edit them
    3337* He then sends the CAP Alert as a "Public" alert which everyone subscribed or added in the contacts is notified about