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    3434     a. define the mandatory set of languages that all messages should be in
    3535     a. define the hazard and areaDescription template specific roles and permissions
     361. A warning agency authorized to issue alerts for a specific hazard event wants to develop their alert message templates
     37     a. Authorized user will create a new template
     38     a. The CAP Profile will determine the rules for validating the template such as forcing the implementer to generate a "info" segment for each language
     39     a. Implementer can choose to either allow the message issuer to change the template value for a certain attribute or lock that field with a fixed value
     40     a. Implementer would provide the required text with placeholders set for message issuers to complete with actual event specific values
     41     a. The template is saved and assigned permissions, for which only authorized users with those permissions can select the specific template when issuing a message
    36421. A warning agency learns of an imminent hazard event (e.g. cyclone) and want to warn the targeted public at risk:
    3743     a. Authorized user chooses to create a new message