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    6767== Requirements ==
    68 * Functional:
     68* ==== Functional: ====
    6969  * CAP Profiles and CAP Templates: Data model and user interface assisting easy and correct implementation of CAP profiles and create/edit of CAP templates
    7070  * CAP Editing:  Data model and user interface for creation of CAP alerts compliant with the EDXL-CAP 1.2 standard.([ see this ticket on templates])
    7171  * CAP subscriber: data model and GUIs to manage intended users and groups when disseminating alerts via SMS and Email. (we can use s3msg module here)
    72 * Interoperability:
     72* ==== Interoperability: ====
    7373  * CAP Broadcasting: Use XSL and XSLT to generate text suitable for distribution. Generate broadcast events, broadcast media can be added by hooking up to these events generated in the system: tap in to s3msg module
    7474  * CAP Reception: Expose a PuSH end point and allow Eden instances to subscribe to each other. Handling cancellation and update alerts gracefully.
    7575  * Import and Export facility for CAP and CAP Profiles: Enable importing of CAP Alerts from XML files with CAP Alert elements. Allow Exporting. Use the Survey module as a reference here. Also these should be implemented inside the s3export module.
     76* ==== Visualization ====
     77  * Basic requirement is displaying CAP messages on a Map
     78  * The effective area of the CAP message is typically bounded and shaded by a polygon
     79  *
    7780== Use-Cases ==
    7881||=Actor                     =||=       Use-case   ||=         Description       =||