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    9191* The Models: The table definitions go are in modules/s3db/ Place some functions which will help in the creation, sending and receiving of CAP XML files in s3msg module where it might best fit.
    9292  * A detailed description of the data model is here:
    93   * The module dependency graph is explained here: ['''Tharindu - insert URL to doc''']
     93  * The Eden modules and their dependencies are explained here: ['''Tharindu - insert URL to doc''']
    9494* The GUI
    9595  * index: A map and a table of alerts sortable by the various fields of an alert. Clicking on a row on the table centers the map to the <Area> associated with the alert.
    102102  * create alert: A map with ability for easy input of polygons and circles, A drop-down for picking profiles and templates to use. A way to specify recipients for restricted alerts.
    103103  * Reference and mockups:
     105==== MANDATORY MODULE ====
     106|| '''Module Name''' || '''Module Key''' || '''Description''' ||
     107|| Home || default || Root page with the index.html that is initially called by the application and display the home page to the user with login controls (more) ||
     108|| Administrator || admin || When login as administrator the home page presents all administrative functions for the administrator to carry out the respective functions (more) ||
     109||  || appAdmin || Similar to the Admin module but provides additional features relevant to the specific application such as with handling database related administrative functions (more) ||
     110|| Ticket viewer || errors || required during development cycle; errors are shown only when login as administrator (more) ||
     111|| Translation Functionality || translate || core module for application localization (more) ||
     112|| Synchronization || sync || To manage the synchronization of multiple users working on the same features (more) ||
     113|| Support || support || Help page, can be disabled but essential for providing help features (more) ||
     114|| Map || gis || definitely required for spatially presenting information (more) ||
     115|| Person Registry || pr || mainly used for managing users with privileges and roles with respect to accessing and operating CAP functions (more) ||
     116|| Organization || org || required for managing all organizations/institutions (more) ||
    105118== Implementations ==