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    2727== User Stories ==
    2829An authorized user finds himself in a situation where he/she is in the need to issue an alert, but does not have access to a computer or/and a sufficiently stable internet connection. The user can now use the app and fill in the data via a structured interface. After confirming the data, the app takes over and sends the data to the Sahana server as soon as internet connection is available again without the user having to take care of it. (Alternatively, the app uses SMS to send the data. This is transparent to the user.)
    30 {{{#!comment
    31 <>
    32 <A good User Story should answer the following questions:>
    33 <* Who the user is>
    34 <* What they want the solution to do for them?>
    35 <* Why they want it to do that? (goal)>
    36 <eg. A <type of user> wants the solution to <do something for them> so that <can achieve a goal>.>
    37 }}}
     31==== Publish ====
     331. Heavy rains have caused a bridge, over a river, and surrounding area to be inundated with flood waters. The bridge accommodates a rail road track and motor vehicle lanes. The local police must issue an alert to inform the transportation authorities (rail road and motor vehicle) and the public in the area of the of the situation. The Police Superintendent in the area will use his mobile phone to issue an alert. He/She will access the designated SAMBRO server to login and then begin creating a new alert. He/She will select the relevant flood CAP template and add/edit information including drawing a polygon on the map indicating the effected area. Thereafter, the alert is issued. The designated person at the National Disaster Management Organization will receive an SMS and Email requesting to authorize the message. The person will login to the SAMBRO server, using their mobile phone, and approve (or disapprove) the alert message. If approved, the SAMRBO server will issue alerts to all alert subscribers (including first responders) in the area through SMS and Email. The SAMBRO server will determine the cell towers that are in the demarcated alert area polygon to broadcast the alert through a cell broadcast message to the mobile phones covered by those cell towers.
     37==== Subscribe ====
    3938== Requirements ==
    4039<Group requirements in subsections, e.g.,, etc.>