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    5151              i. Once approved, the alerts are issued to the public through the various channels: RSS, post on the wen, cell broadcast, radio, TV, social media (twitter, facebook)
    5252==== Subscribe ====
     54'''Scenario''' - A Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member subscribes to receive alerts from the SAMBRO that are issued for the area of residence because he/she is responsible for responding to various events that effects the village
     56     1. '''Intent''' - manage a copy of the full alert message on the mobile phone to be able to refer to the message with instructions.
     57          a. '''Actions''' - to  be carried out by the CERT member
     58               i. Once the CERT member receives the alert via SMS, he/she will turn on their mobile data services or connect to a WiFi hotspot to update the alerts on the MobileSAMBRO app
     59               i. The CERT member will open the new alert to read the complete message, then mark it as important (or favourite)
     60               i. Once the event is clear the message can be deleted from the phone (but not on the server) or marked as hide or is archived.
    5361== Requirements ==
    5462<Group requirements in subsections, e.g.,, etc.>