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     1== !BluePrint CSS ==
    13This page hosts the detailed specification for the [ Blueprint for the CSS Cleanup].
    3 The CSS could do with cleaning up & updating.
    4 [[BR]][[BR]]
    5 The appadmin page's top menu doesn't look too nice:
     5The CSS could do with cleaning up to remove unused styles & some updating to give us maximal usability.
     7The main CSS file is: {{{static/styles/S3/sahana.css}}} with some supplementary styles in {{{static/styles}}}.
     10The styles are separated into different folders depending on which layer they come from, to ease debugging & maintenance as framework components get updated.[[BR]]
     11For production installs ({{{t2.debug==False}}}), they get consolidated into two file for faster downloads: {{{static/styles/S3/sahana.min.css}}} & {{{static/styles/gis/gis.min.css}}}[[BR]]
     12This consolidation is done as part of the [wiki:DeveloperGuidelinesReleaseProcess Release Process].
     14=== appadmin ===
    615 *
    7 Rewrite code so that design, state, db are the module options & return these & the list of enabled modules.
    8 [[BR]][[BR]]
    9 For development purposes, we keep all CSS files separated for ease of maintenance.[[BR]]
    10 For production installs, we should consolidate all into a single file for faster downloads.
    11  * Browsers default to only downloading 2 files at a time, so many files is very slow on high latency links
    12 Part of the [wiki:DeveloperGuidelinesReleaseProcess Release Process] will be to do this consolidation.
     16Web2Py's appadmin (Database administration) inherits the Layout of the application.[[BR]]
     17Our layout isn't designed to accomodate the 3 menu options in the top-right: design, state, db[[BR]]
     182 possible solutions here:
     19 * rewrite {{{controllers/}}} so that these 3 are the module options & return these & the list of enabled modules.
     20  * means more maintenance work whenever this is updated upstream
     21 * rewrite {{{views/layout.html}}} & {{{static/styles/S3/sahana.css}}} to move the appadmin way of doing things
    14 There were several components which aren't currently relevant & so have been removed:
    15  * {{{/static/styles/sahana_old.css}}}
     23== Sub-menus ==
     24Currently the left-hand navbar has only 2 levels of hierarchy: Modules & Module Options[[BR]]
     25Some modules (e.g. DVI) need more.[[BR]]
     26This is also discussed in the BluePrintFramework