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sub-menus no longer an unimplemented requirement

BluePrint for CSS

The CSS could do with cleaning up to remove unused styles & some updating to give us maximal usability:

Filesystem Layout

The overall Layout is determined by: views/layout.html.

The main CSS file is: static/styles/S3/sahana.css with some supplementary styles in static/styles.

The styles are separated into different folders depending on which layer they come from, to ease debugging & maintenance as framework components get updated.

For production installs (s3.debug==False), they get consolidated into two file for faster downloads:

  • static/styles/S3/sahana.min.css
  • static/styles/gis/gis.min.css

This consolidation is done as part of the Release Process.

Print View

Provide a view which allows for better Printing

  • CSS sufficient? (media=print)

Mobile View

Provide a cut-down version for use on low-screensize, low-bandwidth devices, such as Mobiles

Use the RESTlike CRUD controller's ?format=plain


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