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BluePrint for CSS

We have moved to a full page design to allow maximal screen real estate to be available for list views & data entry. Ours is based on:

Main outstanding task on this is to have the Modules menu show which module we're currently in.

The CSS could still do with some cleaning up to remove unused styles.

We should include alternate layouts which different views can inherit from (common areas included into these to be DRY):

Maximal usability ideas:

Replace the current menus with Breadcrumb-style Chevrons, e.g.:

Enhance these with dropdown menus, like in T3:

Relevant Bugs:

CSS can be previewed in different Internet Explorer version, however no interaction is possible:

Original Sahana CSS documented here: DeveloperGuidelinesCSS

Right-to-Left theme

Ideally this should be as simple as:

body {
    direction: rtl;

Print View

Provide a view which allows for better Printing

  • CSS sufficient? (media=print)

Mobile View

Provide a cut-down version for use on low-screensize, low-bandwidth devices, such as Mobiles

Use the RESTlike CRUD controller's ?format=plain

Icons in Menus?


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