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    5858== Examples ==
     60Examples of existing chat facilities, pointing out features that may be desirable or difficult to mimic:
     62* IRC
     64* Skype
     65 * Shows when someone is typing, which permits "conversation pacing" -- holding off to allow the other to post, or to see what they're about to say, and to not "speak over" an in-progress conversation. This is necessarily not easy to implement.
     66 * History is available, and can be disclosed to new users entering the chat.
     67 * Shows the user the messages they missed when they sign on -- this could be a very desirable feature.
     69* GChat, Facebook Chat (meaning the user-to-user real-time chat, not email threads or the FB timeline).
     71* Comments sections of web sites
     72 * The main feature of interest here is threading -- is it of use to allow people to designate their post as a reply to another post? This might help alleviate the "speaking over another convo" issue. Might help with conducting meetings.
     73 * Comments are usually not posted in realtime, so that's not the aspect being made an example of here.
     75* Atlassian HipChat
     76 * This may be the closest parallel to Eden-hosted chat, as it is specifically intended and designed for work teams.
    5977== Design ==
    6078* Simple option is to provide a preconfigured IRC client, but this may not be good for scalability