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Climate Data Blue Print


This Blue Print outlines enhancements needing to be made to Sahana Eden as part of the Climate Data Digitization and Downscaling of Climate Change Projections for Nepal project with the [http:www/ Asia Disaster Preparedness Center]. As part of this project Sahana Eden will be used to develop a web portal which will share observed and modelled climate data.


Under Development


The Web Portal will store the following climate data for Nepal:

  • Type of Climate Data
    • Observed Station Data
    • Observed Gridded Data
    • Projected Data
      • Type of Model & Projection
  • Parameters
  • Temperature
    • Rainfall
    • Snowfall
    • Wind Speed
    • Solar radiation
    • Estimated River Discharge (possible?)
    • Evaporation
    • Humidity
  • Statistics (Will these be calculated by the models or the web portal?)
    • Average
    • Max (what period would this be for? Any selected duration?)
    • Min (what period would this be for? Any selected duration?)

This data will be provided in NetCDF format which will be imported into the Web Portal.

Information Products

The Nepal Climate Portal will have to produce different information products to cater to the needs of different users. Technical experts and professionals will need raw data for their own analysis while other professionals, government officials policymakers and planners will want analyzed products such as maps and charts. The Nepal Climate Portal will provide the following based on specific queries:

  • Raw Climate Data in netCDF and Excel (where appropriate) formats
  • Maps showing climate variables in GIF or PNG image formats.
  • Plots of climate parameters (Which can be downloaded in GIF or PNG image formats).


Home Page

What should be displayed on the Home Page?

Querying Climate Data

The user will be able to query the data and information products they require from a form where they can enter the following criteria:

  • Type of Climate Data (Historic/Projected)
    • Compare
  • Type of Model (!GCM/RCM/SRES ) & Projection
    • Compare
  • Location/Region
    • Districts (need boundary files)
    • River Basins (need boundary files)
  • Date (Range)
  • Period (for Statistics)
  • Parameter
  • Statistics
    • Mean, Average, Max, Min, Standard Deviation,
  • Information Product

Purchasing of Observed Data

Some of the historical climate data information products will only be accessible for purchase. The Nepal Climate Web Portal will include information on pricing options, and functionality for offline payment as well as a Nepali and international payment gateway.


Mock Ups


Phase I

  • Using the PyNGL Python Package to open the NetCDF climate data files and generate simple plots and maps.
  • Allow data to be extracted and exported from the NetCDF file.
  • Developing a simple user interface to control the generation of plots, maps and raw data exports from the NetCDF files.

Phase II

The results of Phase I would be intergrated with the interactive map component. Restrict the access of specific data to paying users.

Sample Data

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