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    9292The [ CAP Code-fest], in Sri Lanka, part of the Indian Ocean Tsunami + 10 year anniversary commemoration events. One key activity in the CAP Code-fest will require a tool such as the Crisis Map. The intent is to provide other CAP message publishers to test their feeds by emulating an Alerthub. The Crisis Map will, simply parse the CAP XML to extract the necessary and sufficient information. Thereafter, style the display on the Crisis Map.
     94Receommended apprach
     95* use the msg_rss_channel resource
     96* schedule a Poll of these channels (e.g. like in NYC Prepared)
     97* write a Parser (again NYC Prepared has a Parser for the incoming RSS feed, although that converts msg_rss posts to
     98cms_post resources)
     99* parse the data into a resource to configure onto the map
     100* have a Folder called 'Alerts' & then each RSS feed would be a separate layer within
     101that folder
     102* the resource could be simple cms_post of type 'Alert' (which is what
     103TL DRMP uses)
     104* [optional] create a new event_alert resource (this is planned at some point & can then have an integration built into CAP)
    93105== Future Extensions ==
    94106<List of features which could be included, but are outside of the scope of this extension>