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    2525=== Phase I ===
    2626* Custom homepage & menu
    27 * Form to upload incidents to the map (using {{{irs_ireport}}} )
    28 * Map showing incidents
     28'''* Form to upload incidents to the map (using {{{irs_ireport}}} )'''
     29     - Due to rise in role of mobile phones for incident reporting, there can be alternative intuitive template of the form for mobile phones. The user should have a way to report incident while he/she is on the move. Camera and GPS can be accessed using a browser and this will increase the accountability of the data.
     30     - When user is filling the incident for a particular location, recent reports for that location will be displayed on the side. User can select those ones which are reports for the same incident. Initially these connections can be just stored, and after analyzing them we can develop a module which clusters such incidents based on these connections. Research papers on topics like "Crisis Map Mash-ups" and "Emergence of Neogeographic practices for incident reporting" have mentioned the problems current crisis mapping tools face is inability to remove duplicate data. Most tools use number of incoming reports as a measure of incident seriousness, but that is not proving to be effective. This feature will help us in solving this problem.
     32'''* Map showing incidents'''
     33    - Map will feature different layers for different incidents. User can select which layers he wants to deploy/view.
     34    - Simple functions will be made to create new layers or customize existing ones and add features to it as this will be the most used feature when deploying templates. The aim is to make inexperienced programmers use this template very easily for faster deployment.
     35    - On clicking a marker, the information displayed will depend on the user type, whether he is a volunteer looking places where his help maybe needed or a user looking for relief camps. The template will have functions to add user types and select which information should be displayed to which user type.
     36    - Various functions to give user full control over the customization of the template and map
    2938* Ability to select different icons (See: [wiki:DeveloperGuidelines/GIS])
    3039* Summary Pages for Incident reports & Charts