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    1414- Core Developers
    1515== User Stories ==
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     17 End-Users:
     18 - Deployers want to adapt the homepage to the context of the deployment and the current situation (global dashboard)
     19 - Deployers want to extend dashboards with additional/custom layouts or widgets provided as plugins
     20 - Organisation managers want to provide an overview of their current activities and status of their resources (org-specific dashboard)
     21 - Site managers want to provide an overview of the current status of their facilities and resources (site-specific dashboard)
     22 - Users want to adapt a personal landing page to their specific user role/tasks (personal dashboard)
     23 - Users want to share their dashboard configuration with other members of their team
     24 - Users want to re-use a dashboard configuration with multiple (e.g. offline) instances
     26 Implementers:
     27 - Developers want to implement pages providing overview of status/tasks/resources in a certain workflow (workflow dashboard)
     28 - Developers want to implement pages for synopsis and cross-analysis of multiple data resources (awareness/analysis dashboard)
     29 - Developers want to provide additional layouts or widgets for dashboards as plugins
     31 Core Developers:
     32 - Developers want to extend or add page layouts for dashboards
     33 - Developers want to extend or add widget classes
    1834== Requirements ==
    1935=== Functional ===