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     68File uploading
     69In the HRM module for importing files , when a user selects a file it starts uploading a file without making a prelimenary check of the file extension . If the file extension is wrong . Thus a lot of user , time and resource is wasted in uploading the file if a wrong extension file has been chosen by mistake because an error message occurs only after he clicks the submit button.So a client side check of the extension of file should be performed.
     71 , in this when one enters an organisation mane , if that doesn't already exist in the database, then it simply clears whatever has been entered by the user without showing an error message “This organisation does not exit.Please add it ”. This confuses the user.
     73Unable to send notifications
     75Here when one tried to send a notification , one is unable to edit the recipient field and when the send button is clicked , an error message comes up “Please enter the reciepient”.
     78Start Date should be greater than the End date
     79No error is shown here in this form when one enters a start end later than than the end date ,which is logically incorrect.
     82Requirement of Other option in Home drop down menu
     83It is possible that the one’s home country might not be available.So one should have an option of other
     85Important fields should have a required field validator
     86sector field should have a required field validator
     87Practically a Name shouldn’t start with a number but its allowed in the sector field.
     89First Name
     90The first name would consist of a single word so no spaces should be permitted in this column.
     94When applying different  filters, view should not change if all items are already being currently
     95displayed as reported in the ticket
     97At least one Required Field Validator should exist in a form
     98In adding a certificate ,the add certificate does not consist of a required field validator(
     99.As a result blank entries get entered into the database.
    68100== References ==