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    1515''Government sanctioned and coordinated'' -- the problem this use-case is trying to solve is to provide a solution for tracking who in what place (or vessel) and at what times over a certain time frame (e.g. past 14 days) to then identify who else was in the same places (or vessel) and where have they of them been.
    17 The '''UK is considering such an App''' (, which can also use GPS & !BlueTooth, as well as QR:[[br]]
    1817[[Image(, width=750)]]
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     68* [ The UK is considering such an App], which can also use GPS & !BlueTooth, as well as QR
     70A new app from the Indian government may tell you if you've crossed paths with someone infected with Covid-19.[[br]]
     71The app, which is called Aarogya Setu (translates to bridge to health from the Sanskrit), will use Bluetooth and location data to tell if the user has been near a person with Covid-19 and is at risk.[[br]]
     72The app scans a database of known registered cases to assess if the user has been within six feet of a known positive case.[[br]]
     73The app also shares the data with the government in case the user tests positive or has been around someone who is infected with Covid-19.[[br]]
     74While your name or number won't be public, the app does collect this information as well as your gender, travel history and whether you're a smoker.[[br]]
    7076=== COVID-19 ===