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Disease Template BluePrint

Use Cases

  • Logistics support for distribution of PPEs, etc
  • Tracking the status of an organisation's own staff/volunteers
  • Government-sanctioned/coordinated tracking of cases for a jurisdiction (e.g. National/State level)
  • Amateur usage for reporting on aggregated cases from public sources (although there are a lot of other places doing this currently & so I don't see this as a gap we should be aiming to fill...unlike for Ebola where those alternatives weren't available)

Note: we are not intending to use this for amateur crowd-sourced efforts which create islands of data.

Tracking general public cases (as opposed to organisations' internal staff/volunteers should be done in coordination with official government bodies.

Current Status

It's not quite ready for an out-of-the-box solution, it would be very quick/easy to build a proper solution from it, which could meet any of the 4 use cases above.

Doesn't yet cover:

  • Vector Tracking for Dengue/Malaria

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