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Project Description

This module will support organizations that are looking to make supply donations to emergency management services in times of crisis. The donation module will keep a virtual database of all the items that can be donated in times of a disaster and will also be able track offers for donations made by organizations.


This module will need to have access to three already completed software modules in order to be effective. These modules are the Inventory module, Supply Module, and the Request Module. Each module will perform a vital role in the Donations module. The Inventory module will keep a virtual inventory of any item that can be donated so that organizations can make meaningful and quick contributions to disasters. The Supply Module will keep track of how much inventory that’s already been donated and that we currently have. This will ensure that no money is wasted on items that are not needed. The Request Module will keep track of organizations that have requested to be able to donate to emergencies and will harvest data to find these organizations.


User Cases


Design Mockup

Time Table

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