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    55     ==== To come ====
    66        1. Identify the objectives by brainstorming
    7             [ ] 2013-10-11 - Begin work on  "Stakeholders" section.
     7            [ ] Begin work to define Personas for  "Stakeholders" section.
    3737         ==== Analysis ====
    3838            1. Identify the objectives by brainstorming
    39                 * [ ] 2013-10-11 - Begin work on  "Stakeholders" section.
     39                * [X] 2013-10-11 - Begin work on  "Stakeholders" section.
    4040            2. Look for “the why of the objectives” to see if it is possible to replace some with objectives of higher level
    4141            3. Make a comparative study to see good ideas of other organizations for similar solutions
    5353            1.          Develop the solution
    5454     == Stakeholders ==
    55         TBD
     55    Search result for the possible stakeholders of Sahana and Eden Wiki.
     57    Hypothesis: we suppose that the Wiki and Eden are two technological components of the same information system. Only the probability of the usage for a specific component varies for stakeholders. The advantage of this hypothesis is that the reflection which we make for the Wiki also applies for Eden.
     58    Developers
     59        Developers should read the entire book as they should have an
     60        overview of how the software can be used and will need to maintain
     61        their local deployment.
     62        Basic customization doesn't require any more skills than those required
     63        for a Deployer, however, more advanced development will require
     64        being familiar with or learning the following skills:
     65        Python
     66        JavaScript
     67        Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
     68    Decision Makers
     69        Preparing and planning for crisis and disaster scenarios is an important
     70        part of every community. Whether it is at a global, national, regional or
     71        local level, leaders who understand the complexities of disaster
     72        response make better decisions and can quickly respond to changing
     73        situations. Decision Makers should read the "Introduction" section. This
     74        content covers the Sahana Eden platform overview, capabilities and
     75        selected case studies. This material will help decision makers in
     76        strategic planning and give them important insight into the deployment
     77        process.
     78    Deployers
     79        Those who are thinking about or who are ready to deploy Sahana
     80        Eden should read the "Introduction", "Getting Started" and
     81        "Administration" sections.
     82        In order to deploy Sahana Eden, a deployer should be comfortable
     83        with the following system administration processes:
     84        Installation of an operating system (such as Debian Linux)
     85        Command line usage (for package installation)
     86        System configuration involving editing of text files
     87    End Users - End users are a heterogeneous mass and would like to search to any type of specific queries.
     88    new users
     89    seasoned user
     90    manager
     91    translators
     92    Site Administrator, Site Operators, Sys Admin
     93    System documentors
     94    Volunteer groups
     95    Team leader/Manager
     97        Guest –guests will be able to view the Active Problems List, Scale, and Item List.
     98        Guest - will NOT be able to vote.
     99        Guest - can NOT view or contribute to the Discussion Forum.
     100        Contributors – Contributors inherit the permissions of the Guest.
     101        Contributors – can see and post/reply in the Discussion Forum.
     102        Contributors – can add items to the Item List.
     103        Contributors – can NOT vote.
     104        Participant – inherits both the Guest and Contributor privileges. However, the Participant can Vote.
     105        Moderator – A moderator inherits all available permissions.
     106        Moderator – can create a new problem
     107        Moderator – can edit or delete any item as an option.
     108        Moderator - can set up groups by allowing or inviting individuals to the group.
     109        Moderator – can email all participants.
     110        Moderator – can designate members in a group able to review and accept another person who wishes to join the group.
     111        Any member of the system in any role can be an observer in a given group and request a participant or contributor role.
     112    People who want to deploy Sahana
     113    Bug Marshalls
     114    <>
     115    Admin team (general support for SSF infrastructure, including user accounts, systems administration, IRC, demo sites, DNS administration)
     116    Community Call Coordinator
     117    GSOC Administrators:
     118    Accounts Administrator
     119    Security response team
     120    Sahana Wiki Administrators
     121    FIREFIGHTERS
    56123     == User Stories ==
    57124        TBD