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    5353== user case ==
    5454 - As a user, they should want to make sure they get the proper help, have their family notified, and get the right treatment
     56 * As a responder, when they first find a victim they should remove any lingering issue they may have, and then transport them to the first aid and treatment zone
     57   1. Help victims into transport and bring to treatment zone
     58   2. Line up those who can stand and take note of them as they enter the check in tent. For those who can't stand take note of key info.
     59   3. When a patient comes into the tent, the doctor or staff will collect data from the patient like name, age, gender, race, and known ailments. Their photo will then be taken as their info is imputed and documented.
     60   4. The staff will then escort the patient to their designated tent  based on the wristband they received based on their ailment. Once there they will be given a evaluation.
     61   5. After evaluation first aid is given as the records are sent (if applicable) to a future medical centers for further help
     63 * As a patient, they should receive quality service and the correct help based on their ailments
     64   1. Victim is helped out and transported by first responders
     65   2. Stands in line and is checked in by medical staff at camp
     66   3. Gives basic info to doctor and staff, has photo taken
     67   4. Is given wristband based on ailment and is directed to tent based on issue. Receives aid and evaluation.
     68   5. Sent to medical center if more medical help is needed
    5569== Design ==
    5670 - Mind Map