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    1313== Requirements ==
    15 Entrypoint A - Triage Zone:
    16   - Tag Label Assignment / Label Handling (Barcode, QR?, RFID?)
    17   - Photograph
    18   - Classification (Age Group, Sex)
    19   - Triage Status
    20 Entrypoint B - First Aid / Treatment Zone:
    21   - Patient Tracking
    22   - Personal Data / Contact Data
    23   - Vital Values
    24   - Relevant Diagnoses / Classification
    25   - Emergency Interventions
    26   - Emergency Lab Data (if applicable)
    28 Reporting Point - Regular Hospital Admission:
    29   - Patient Tracking
    30   - Patient Registration
    31   - Reporting
    32   - Data Transfer to other Medical Record Systems
    33   - Statistics
     15This software that is going to be loaded on devices like PDA must have the capability to include data such as picture for proper identification, personal information & classification, contact information, registration type, health status before and after the disaster, and vital values. The devices could be connected to the internet, but they also could store the information internally in case there wasn't any internet connection. So that it could be uploaded to the database later. Also the devices will be secure and encrypted so if stolen no information could be taken from them. It will self destruct by removing all the information if someone tried to break the encryption, possibly after uploading the data first. It should have GPS so that it could be found if lost or stolen. It should also be able to assign triage values based on health status. Also included should be some pre loaded treatments for known symptoms. The information collected from the shelter must be also accessible to the hospital so that there won't be any time wasted for duplicates. Also the device must be able to collect and process whatever information required for future statistics. Now, as you can see after a few years quite a few information will be collected in this database which could be very useful for future disasters. Of course some information should be always updated even when there is no disaster. Like the contact information. And whether the person is immigrated to a different country or diseased or not. In those cases their information perhaps should be removed after a period of time.
    3517== user case ==