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Project Managment


In the countries with a lot of disasters there should be some kind of Disaster Management System. In most third world countries unfortunately that is just not the case. When it is, it is for after the disaster happens only, which is too late. It would be much better if the system works for both before and after disasters.

Project Description

The module that this group will be working on is called Disaster Medical Records. It is useful for managing patient data during rescue/first aid operation. It is vital especially for countries which have lots of natural disasters but lack any patient data collection system to be able to help them as quickly and efficiently as possible. It could be used for virtually any country; of course they could customize it to their own specifications. This module will include some very important features such as tag, photograph, triage status, relevant diagnoses, and statistics. It will be able to communicate this information with the hospitals, for more serious patients who need to be transferred to hospital. The data will be placed on secure servers with 24*7 back-up. The information will be permanent until the person dies.


Entrypoint A - Triage Zone:

  • Tag Label Assignment / Label Handling (Barcode, QR?, RFID?)
  • Photograph
  • Classification (Age Group, Sex)
  • Triage Status

Entrypoint B - First Aid / Treatment Zone:

  • Patient Tracking
  • Personal Data / Contact Data
  • Vital Values
  • Relevant Diagnoses / Classification
  • Emergency Interventions
  • Emergency Lab Data (if applicable)

Reporting Point - Regular Hospital Admission:

  • Patient Tracking
  • Patient Registration
  • Reporting
  • Data Transfer to other Medical Record Systems
  • Statistics


user case


Quality Control

Time Table

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