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     2= Share GPS Data =
     4== Problem Description ==
     5 * Field staff for NGOs (both Humanitarian & Development) visit Programme sites with handheld GPS (e.g. Garmin eTrex).
     6 * They collect data as they go (Tracks & Waypoints).
     7 * They would like a way of easily sharing this information between each other:
     8  - uploading data to a central repository
     9  - managing this master repository to have a reference dataset: no duplicates, names checked for consistency
     10   - this management should work offline
     11  - download the reference dataset to each GPS
     12 * A secondary benefit will be in terms of wider communications (e.g. reporting to Donors)
     13 * A potential future enhancement would be to be able to download GPX routes from/to specific locations.
     15This requirement is defined by [ Oxfam] in Haiti, but is applicable to many other organisations & locations.
     17== High-Level Architecture Proposal ==
     18It would be ideal if as much of the reference dataset as possible could be incorporated into the Base Map - !OpenStreetMap is ideal for this.
     20Propose to:
     21 * Set up a Virtual Machine containing all necessary software (to make it easy to install on any available PC - this setup may need replicating in several offices, although no need to sync between offices except via main !OpenStreetMap database at this time)
     22 * Local OSM Server
     23 * Build a GUI within Sahana to allow the uploading/editing of GPX data
     25=== Other Options Considered ===
     26 * Garmin !MapSource
     27  - can't load more than 1 GPX file at a time
     28 * Google Earth
     29  - doesn't work offline
     31== Detailed Architecture Proposal ==
     32=== Sahana ===
     33The current GPX layer interface is probably insufficient.
     35Instead have 2 tables:
     36 * WayPoints (where each point is individually editable for a label & marker - often the raw data will just have numeric labels, so we'll need to add a prefix to distinguish for when re-labelling from written notes)
     37 * Tracks (where all points are equal - we don't need to keep track of time or person: if we wish to see a specific track we can use the current GPX file interface for maybe we keep the file uploads but add to the main table via an onaccept?)
     39Can we develop a Flash(?) interface to actually manage the transfer to/from the unit of the GPX &/or basemap?
     41=== Local OSM Server ===
     42 * wiki:InstallationGuidelinesGISDataLinux#OpenStreetMap
     44=== Edit Base Map ===
     45 * Potlatch2
     46  * Editing local database or only main one?
     47  * Need better integration into Sahana:
     48   * passing in the area of the current viewport
     49   * seeing Sahana overlays inside Potlatch (can export as either GPX or OSM)
     51=== Sync Base Map ===
     52Our local install needs to be kept up to date from the global repo.
     54If we're making local edits then we need to feed those back to the master repo.
     55 * This may be hard. Team up with [ OSM-in-a-Box] to look at this?
     57=== Export to Base Map ===
     58 * wiki:UserGuidelinesGISDataOpenStreetMapGarmin
     59  * srtm2osm
     60  * mkgmap
     63[wiki:BluePrintGeographicInformationSystems GIS BluePrints]