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    2424== !ToDo ==
    25  * Move the implementation to a server-side widget so that it applies automatically to all instances of the field (can then remove from custom view templates)
    26   * Work has started on this: S3LocationSelector in {{{modules/}}} & {{{static/scriptsS3/s3.locationselector.widget.js}}}.[[BR]]Enable by uncommenting in {{{models/}}} & comment the old autocomplete in a view to try it out (e.g. {{{views/cr/shelter_autocompletes.html}}}).
    27   * Can then remove:
    28    * {{{gis.form_map()}}} & call from {{{modules/s3/}}}
    29    * _gis.location_id, _gis.map_selector & _gis.location_hierarchy from top of {{{models/}}}
    30  * Redesign the Look/Feel to make it more usable
     25 * Redesign the !Look/Feel to make it more usable
     26  * Ensure that Sites *always* have a specific location
     27   * This location should be the Building (which can be shared by multiple sites) or a Location Group (Site spread over several Buildings)
     28    * Ensure that Name field is labelled as Building Name unless a Group is being used
     29  * Presence records or misc locations don't need a Name at all (optional)
    3130  * Display all the Lx layer dropdowns from the start?
    32   * Hide the 'Add New Location' options behind a button (CSS Hide)
    33   * Hide the Lat/Lon entry forms behind an 'Advanced' button (CSS Hide)
    3431  * Q: Should we save a new location automatically upon submission of main form (as now) or else have a manual Save button?
    3532  * Q: Is 'Specific Location' == L5?
    36  * Increase Robustness (currently there are many bugs)
    3733 * Add an HTML5 !GeoLocation option ('Current Location')
    3834  * we should use a 'nearby' algorithm (like gis.get_features_in_radius()) to re-use existing locations rather than adding a new one each time.