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Markers get used to display Features.

We have a folder full of samples (in static/img/markers) which then can be supplemented by user uploads.

The Database table therefore needs to have all the samples imported into it. The 'uploads' feature of Web2Py only supports having all files in the single 'uploads' folder & needs them to be named in the format:

In order to allow good maintenance we want to keep the markers named nicely & in their hierarchy. We want a script to copy these files into the uploads folder with the correct names & insert the records into the database to point at them.
Currently this is done for just the single default marker: marker.png (code in models/
NB ID=1 is the default marker

etc (recursively)

We also want these enhancemnets to the marker/create routine:

  • height & width detected automatically
    • use PIL?
    • jquery used to populate the fields or else populate via hidden fields
  • jquery to populate the name field from the filename

When choosing Markers, it would be useful to be aware of the original folder hierarchy (look at Sahana2 for example UI for selecting markers)

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