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Real-Time Tracking

This is proposed to be done using the SOS Layer.


Storing different positions of objects (and some other dynamic information) related to time into the database (first/past/current/forecasted positions)


Display position tracks of objects or object groups on maps, additionally indicate or link other data (such as speed and course, or even non-discrete such as triage/recovery status, member count in groups, free-text, wiki-text, or other URL)


Take up position data of the objects in real time and update the database. This may be multiple controllers

Client system

Capture and send real-time position/object data to the backend (e.g. from a mobile phone), this could happen via HTTP, URL (RESTlike controller), SMS, E-Mail, file transfer (CSV or XML), or other/multiple methods - but should be as easy, portable and reliable as possible.

GIS BluePrints

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