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     1= !BluePrint: <Generic Theme Creating Framework> =
     4== Introduction ==
     7The idea is create a special kind of Theme/Framework with including a set of higher level customization.It may allowed to go to a operationally customized Sahana Eden instance with very low cost.
     10At the disaster situation, we have to set up our sahana eden instance properly and customizing operationally.but at the movement it may get some longer time and cost for that.The proposed solution is "Generic theme creating framework".     
     12===Add value to Sahana===
     13*Higher operational customization functionality for Sahana.
     14*Improve the operational awareness.
     15*Minimize the setup cost of Sahana.
     16*Improve the productivity.
     18===Similar existing solutions===
     22== Stakeholders ==
     23===users of the solution===
     24*All the users of Sahana.
     25*World wide Sahana Developers.
     26*All the disaster management authorities.
     28===Affected by this solution===
     29*UI designers, they get some new way to customize Sahana more easily.
     30*Platform users, instantly they got wide range of customization freedom.
     31*Normal users, they get Sahana closely other than before.
     33== User Stories ==
     34user - disaster management authority/Eden theme developers
     35A disaster management authority wants to a setup a much convenient system for a particular instance then, they can use this framework to do that respective customization.
     36Go to the framework front page,
     37      a. select and enable wanted modules
     38      b. check the availability with module dependency tree
     39      c. assign menu items
     40      d. setup front page with designing and including available widgets and gadgets
     41      e. now you got the your own customized Sahana Eden instance.   
     43== Requirements ==
     44=== Functional ===
     45*modules enable/disable function
     46*drag and drop bassed front page customization
     47*show module dependency tree
     48*menu assigning function 
     50=== Non-functional ===
     53*Fault tolerance
     54*User friendliness
     56== Design ==
     57=== Workflows ===
     58<Diagrams or Pseudocode>
     59=== Site Map ===
     60<for User Interface solutions>
     61=== Wireframes ===
     62<for User Interface solutions>
     63=== Technologies ===
     64*jquery ui[]
     65*web2py framework
     68== Future Extensions ==
     69*create front page widgets/gadgets for framework
     70*release customized shanaa eden templates.
     73== References ==
     74<Links to external resources>