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First trial of a User Story... a basic one, but we need to start somewhere !


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    5454== User Stories ==
    56   - ''tbw''
     56=== Sigmah to Sahana 3W/4W data exportation ===
     57This scenario is given just to provide an insight on how the HXL implementation could be used between Sigmah and Sahana. The real features developed in the end may vary strongly from what is described here because: (i) HXL 3W/4W data standard is not yet fixed; (ii) Sigmah 3W/4W data collection feature does not exist; (iii) Sahana is not yet a reader of HXL data .
     59User Story:
     60  - An organisation O is using a Sigmah set up in order to be able to share HXL 4W data, depending on the will of project manager. (we can also imagine a mode in which HXL data is automatically published for all projects)
     61  - A user U of this organisation O has created a new project P, with a title and an implementation period
     62  - In the "Map" sub-tab of his project P, U can pin on a map a point representing the project, and can choose one or several activities type among the one defined in the HXL standard.
     63  - Once he had fill those 2 informations, a "Share 4W data" button is enabled.
     64  - U clicks on the "Share 4W data" button, and the button is renamed "4W data shared publicy" and remains pressed.
     65  - A Sahana Eden instance running for a crisis where this project is conducted detects the publication of this HXL data.
     66  - From the stream of information, Sahana takes the position of the project, the start and ending date, the type of activities implemented, the "Name of the organisation" and eventually its logo.
     67  - From those information extracted, Sahana updates the map of the situation.
    5869== Requirements ==