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    1616A generic importing tool, which allowed data to be imported from various sources automatically. The data could be parsed and fitted into our data model, or it may just be added to a news feed aggregator. This project could include:
    1717 * A User friendly interface to match fields to parse the data
    18  * Importing from "flat" tables to linked tables
     18  * Intermediary step where the spreadsheet (as you've extracted it) is displayed on the screen, allowing the user to remove blank/invalid rows, merge rows, deal with data from merged cells and match the columns with the Sahana data model
     19 * Importing from "flat" tables to linked tables - the spreadsheet could contain data that needs to be imported into a number of different tables.
     20 * Spreadsheets with multiple sheets
    1921 * Methods of automatically (or with a user friendly interface) cleaning data (removing duplicate values with variations due to typos) - for example:
    2022  * If there were a list of countries which contained Indonesia, Spain, India, Indonesiasia, New Zealand, NZ, France, UK, Indonsia - the import may be able to identify whcih fields were duplicates, rather than adding 2 incorrect spellings for Indonesia.