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    265265Some notes and cautions:
     267- It is possible for another schema to reverse the sense of a 1-1 link. It would be
     268  "natural" from a human point of view to place linked tables after their primary table
     269  (if using the split table format), so the tables may be presented in the opposite
     270  order from the "natural" order for our schema. That is, we would see first the table
     271  that, in our schema, had a foreign key reference to a later table. That's fine so long
     272  as the foreign key reference in our schema is not "required", as we can fill it in when
     273  we read the later table. If it is required, we'd need to do something like skip forward
     274  to find the needed table, or put in a placeholder record (which could be the same for
     275  all so long as the fk ref is not also unique). Latter is easier but wastes database
     276  activity. We should consider whether this case is going to happen -- could just detect
     277  and report it for now.
    267279- It would be convenient to have the (internal) schema mapping be "runnable" --
    268280  that is, able to drive the extraction of data. Actually producing a state