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    202202  a multiple (1-N, N-N) relationship, that should be added to a collection of
    203203  component records.
     205==== Observed file formats and sample data: ====
     208- Outer join has been observed "in the wild", e.g. the
     209  [ Google hospital data for Brazil]
     210  has one level of join with a 1-1 valence, but adds a second level by using...
     212- Lists in cells.
     214- !OpenOffice spreadsheet export saves sheets in one spreadsheet to separate files.
     215  OO spreadsheets were used to load Southern California hospital data into the
     216  Humanity Road database, and these had separate files associated via UUID.
     217  (The load was done by a script that did dal calls and constructed its own
     218  org_site records. The secondary files were not linked OO sheets -- they just
     219  had a column for the associated hospital's UUID.)
     221- Need example of Excel exported CSV files.
     223We should stop here and decide:
     225==== Which of these formats do we expect to encounter and want to support? ====
     227Besides the observed forms, please propose others that we want to support:
     229- (Comments please!)
     231==== Which should we implement in the initial version? ====
     233Yes, we should keep an eye on the general case and make this easy to extend.
     234Consider this to be prototyping (that may happen to have a specific use in mind).
     236- (Pat:) Single file, outer join, allow lists in cells.
     238- (Comments please!)
    205240=== Specifying the file layout and schema mapping ===