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    108108g)  External dependencies due to calls to methods in Translate Toolkit
     110== Planned Implementation ==
     111Name           : Nikhil Goyal
     113github         : nownikhil
     115IRC Handle     : nownikhil
     117* Removal of Deprecated Strings : Size of  “.py ” files will keep on increasing if the new strings are merged with the existing strings. As changes are made to code some strings become deprecated while some new strings are introduced.  So we can run the code with all the modules selected periodically and replace the existing files. This will remove all the deprecated strings and new strings will be available for translation. This can be done by using the “-o” option in the existing translation module which will overwrite the existing “.py” files instead of merging with them. This can be made into a scheduler job which can run periodically or it can be manually triggered by the admin as and when appropriate.
     119* Retrieval of strings from currently active template :  Currently, we don’t have an option to check which strings are present in the active template. This can be done as follows:-
     121    1. Use the parse tree approach to parse out the currently active template from
     123    2. Next, we parse the eden/private/templates/<current-template>/ to get the active modules of that template
     125    3. So, only these modules will be checked by default (when showing the module selection page)
     127    4. Hence, we know which modules correspond to the current template and this can be used to extract only the relevant strings.
    110129== Different Sources of translated strings ==