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    132132* Retrieval of strings from currently active template :  Currently, we don’t have an option to check which strings are present in the active template. This can be done as follows:
    133133    * Use the parse tree approach to parse out the currently active template from
    134     * Next, we parse the eden/private/templates/<current-template>/ to get the active modules of that template
     134    * Next, we parse the eden/modules/templates/<current-template>/ to get the active modules of that template
    135135    * So, only these modules will be checked by default (when showing the module selection page)
    136136    * Hence, we know which modules correspond to the current template and this can be used to extract only the relevant strings.
    138138* Including database variables : We need to extract the strings in database variables so that they too can be translated. Currently, these variables are excluded from translation. Hence, one approach to extract these strings is as follows:
    139     * Use the prepop csv files in privates/templates/<current-template> and mark them to be considered for translation.
     139    * Use the prepop csv files in modules/templates/<current-template> and mark them to be considered for translation.
    140140    * Provide a “Select all templates” option on the module selection page (similar to select all modules) to specify if all prepop files are to be considered. This option will be helpful when introducing new variables and discarding deprecated strings using the overwrite option as mentioned earlier.