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    3232    - "Requests"=>"Create Request", "Hospital"=>"New", "Person"=>"Add Person" should better be:
    3333    - "Request"=>"New", "Hospital"=>"New", "Person"=>"New"
     36== Tiers ==
     37=== Sahana Menus ===
     38 * A list of all applications
     39 * User / Admin Options
     41=== Application Menu ===
     42 * As described on this page
     44=== Resource Menu ===
     45 * A list of components and addition methods associated with resource
     47== Issues ==
     48Michael Howden:
     49 * IMHO it is important to consider the different views which different users may want. If a user is a staff member for a Office/Warehouse/Hospital, then then might want to go directly to a dashboard for that Office/Warehouse/Hospital, instead of seeing summary information for all Office/Warehouse/HospitalS.
     50 * Do we need the pull-down level? Isn't this already a menu depth of 2? Wouldn't it be better to have all of the other "methods" (New, Search) accessible from the main list page for a resource, possibly revealed(or even loaded) using JS?
     51 * I think it is important to think about how the menus support the users to carry out their tasks, fitting Sahana to the work-flow of the user, rather than visa versa.
     52 * How do we try and work some representation of this work-flow in the user interface?
     53  * Breadcrumbs?
     54  * Different Save button: "Save and go to X", "Save and go to Y" and "Save and go to Z"?
     55  * What are some other ways this could be designed? What is used in other web applications?
     56 * IMHO we should look at all of the tiers of the menus together. Currently each of the tiers has a different design - is this wise?
    3458== Design Suggestion 1 ==