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The current 3 menu system should be migrated to a single menu to take upo less screen real estate & provide a consistent UI experience.

Ideally this would be loaded once & then cached (e.g. have the system generate a static menu.js which can then be loaded/cached)

We should always know where in the system we are.

Icons in Menus?

ExtJS menus are flexible & can allow DRY creation of navigation elements (buttons/menus):

Ideas for improving the menu:

  • Code for the menus should be segregated between the technical implementation and the layout - making it easy for non-technical users to customize the menu and reducing the clutter in the code, and reduce the amount of code being executed every run in the models.
  • Define the customization of the menu in CSV?
  • Make Menu customization completely independent from the modules.
  • How many levels? Configurable. Suggestion.
    • Application - a deployments of Sahana may contain different applications, which may be used by different people and certainly at different times/workflows. This could be separate from the main menu - at the very top.
    • Functional - what does someone want to do in the current application.
    • Functional level 2 / Work Stage - this could represent work flow, or just reduce the clutter in one level of functional
    • Avoid 3rd level - especially pop-ups!
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Allow modules to be turned on/off and also excluded from releases of code with simple switches.
  • Allow the menu to indicate which option has been clicked (flag to set a class in the li - where set flag?).

Allow the user to define a custom home page, without editing core code.



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